Here are the details for the internal competitions for the 2018-2019 season

Internal Competitions

No. Competition Date Deadline Title Group Results Gallery
1 1st October 2018 17th September Open PDI A Results Gallery
1 8th October 2018 24th September Open PDI B Results Gallery
2 5th November 2018 22nd October Themed Prints: Land and Seascapes Separate A & B A Results
B Results
3 3rd December 2018 19th November Monochrome PDI A & B Combined Results Gallery
4 28th January 2019 14th January Themed PDI: Juxtaposition A & B Combined Results Gallery
5 25th February 2019 11th February Open Prints A & B Separate A Results
B Results
6 25th March 2019 11th March Themed Prints: Focus on Nature A & B Combined Results Gallery
7 3rd June 2019 20th May Themed Prints: Creative Prints A & B Separate

Results for Competition 1A

Title Photographer Award
The Challenger Valerie Duncan First
Durdle Door at Dusk in a Snowstorm Tony Gill Second
Wheaten Terrier No 1 Iain Friend Third
Puffin with Sand Eels Tim Downton Highly Commended
Trees After Snowstorm Sid Jones Highly Commended
Tracks through the Snow Stephen Lee Highly Commended
Avocet Reflection Tim Downton Highly Commended
Blue Trigger Fish Spike Piddock Highly Commended
Pre-Dawn Light Mary Cantrille Highly Commended
Ahead on the Bend Susan Buckland Highly Commended

Results for Competition 1B

Title Photographer Award
Decay Under a Big Sky Paul Raudner First
Goodnight Auckland Janine Scola Second
Sentinels Helen Lord Third
No Access Helen Lord Highly Commended
Shannon Paul Raudner Highly Commended
Great White Egret Jeremy Lee-Potter Highly Commended
Made in the 1930s John Simpson Highly Commended
Direction Josh Walker Highly Commended

Results for Competition 2A

Title Photographer Award
Trees In The Mist Barry Senior First
Bor Copper Mine Spike Piddock Second
Cuernos del Paine across Lake Pehoe Jane Tearle Third
Icefjord fishing, Greenland Jane Lee Highly Commended
Bobby Socks Stephen Lee Highly Commended
Below Freezing John Tilsley Highly Commended

Results for Competition 2B

Title Photographer Award
Hive to Golden Cap Steve Lord First
Lyme Bay Wave Josh Walker Second
Dorset Landscape Angie Diamond Third
Evening Light at Rhossili Bay Helen Gibson Highly Commended
Kimmeridge Jeremy Lee-Potter Highly Commended
Black Cullins Meltwater Steve Lord Highly Commended

Results for Competition 3

Title Photographer Award
Hello, Can You hear Me Paul Clarke First
A Woman Of Good Social Position Paul Clarke Second
Ice Trees Stephen Lee Third
Pole Position Helen Jones Highly Commended
Capturing the Past Barbara Jenkins Highly Commended
Sligachan views towards Balck Cuillins Helen Lord Highly Commended
Mist and Shadows Mary Cantrille Highly Commended
Following the Track Stephen Lee Highly Commended
Prowling Cougar Canyonlands Valerie Duncan Highly Commended
Delicate Penny Piddock Highly Commended
Hanging Around Alison Webber Highly Commended

Results for Competition 4

Title Photographer Award
North Pole meets South Pole Stephen Lee First
Parallel Lines Helen Jones Second
Featherweight John Simpson Third
Berlin Dinosaur Jez Cunningham Highly Commended
Moray Eel and Shrimp Spike Piddock Highly Commended
Two Faces or One Graham Lawrence Highly Commended
Art and the Human Race Josh Walker Highly Commended
Too Much Plastic In The Sea Spike Piddock Highly Commended
Choices! Paul Clarke Highly Commended
The New And Old 2 Glynn Grylls Highly Commended
Budapest Old and New Tim Downton Highly Commended

Results for Competition 5A

Title Photographer Award
The Organist Glynn Grylls First
Great View Barbara Jenkins Second
Approach John Tilsley Third
Damping Down Helen Jones Highly Commended
Frosted Trees Jane Lee Highly Commended
Haulage Needed Tim Downton Highly Commended
In The Pink Stephen Jones Highly Commended
La Plagne Towards Champangny Steve Broadhurst Highly Commended
Partial Illumination Susan Buckland Highly Commended
Renovation Needed Barry Senior Highly Commended
Storm over Vesturhorn Jane Lee Highly Commended
Unsettled Weather Dee Wareham Highly Commended

Results for Competition 5B

Title Photographer Award
Snowstorm, Grundarfjordur Annette Beardsley First
After The Race Angie Diamond Second
Lesser Hawkbit Annette Beardsley Third
Mumbles Lighthouse Helen Gibson Highly Commended
The Old Copper Mine Michael Martin Highly Commended

Results for Competition 6

Title Photographer Award
Bearded Reedling Martin Davenport First
Wasp Spider Tim Downton Second
Leaf-mimicking Katydid Frank Schweitzer Third
Bison in a Snowstorm Jane Lee Highly Commended
Cheetah Chase Lisa Bukhalders Highly Commended
Grey Heron Hunting on canal Jeremy Lee-Potter Highly Commended
Indian Grey Langur Glynn Grylls Highly Commended
Leopard at Samburu Steve Broadhurst Highly Commended
Stonechat with prey Martin Davenport Highly Commended
Svalbard Walrus Pod Jane Lee Highly Commended
Those Pesky Flies Glynn Grylls Highly Commended
Whimbrel with crab Tim Downton Highly Commended