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Results - DPIC and PAGB Cups, 28 Feb 2016

Results of the WCPF DPIC, PAGB GB Nature Cup and PAGB GB Open Gup, 28 February 2016
Report on Interclub Competitions

Dorchester Camera Club entered three inter-club competitions in February – the Digital Projected Image Competition (DPIC, run by the Western Counties Photographic Federation, the WCPF), the PAGB GB Open Cup and the PAGB GB Nature Cup.

WCPF Digital Projected Image Competition 2016

About 15 members of the club went to the Exeter Corn Exchange on 6 February to watch the 2016 WCPF DPIC. Fifty six clubs from the WCPF entered eighteen images each on any subject, with no more than four photos from any individual. For the first time in recent years there was no limit on the number of nature images.

The images were judged this year by Ian Ledgard, Peter Gennard and Brian Coleman. Scores were awarded quickly, each judge awarding marks out of 5 using an automated system so most images were up on the screen for no more than five seconds. With over a thousand images, it was a marathon judging effort that was split into three sessions with breaks for refreshments and lunch.

The overall standard was very high and Dorchester Camera Club was pleased to achieve 4th place with a total score of 213. Our eighteen images were selected from thirteen different club members, and three of our members were awarded Highly Commended certificates – Malcolm Kitto, Stephen Lee and Lisa Bukalders. You can view our DPIC entry in the Dorchester DPIC 2016 Gallery.

The winning club was F8 Image Group, with Bristol PS and Exmouth CC in Joint 2nd. The overall results and individual awards can be seen at the WCPF website, which links to the full results.

PAGB GB Nature Cup 2016

Dorchester Camera Club were equal 7th out of 106 clubs in the PAGB Nature Cup and was the top scoring club in the WCPF region. We had to submit 21 images for judging and the top 10 scores were then used to place each club. Historically we have always done well in the Nature Cup and indeed won it just a few years ago. The competition was judged by Bob Moore, Gordon Rae and Mick Durham on Saturday 13 February.

Many congratulations to Spike Piddock who had our highest scoring image, gaining top marks of 15 for 'Hawksbill Turtle eating Jellyfish'. We also had 3 scores of 14 points - 'Bioluminescent Bulb Anemones' by Spike Piddock, 'Dalmatian Pelican Landing (2)' by David Cantrille and 'Green Hermit Hovering' by Mary Cantrille. You can view our club entry in the PAGB GB Nature Cup 2016 Gallery and the overall results are available on the PAGB website

PABG GB Open Cup 2016

The GB Open Cup was judged by Gwen Charnock, Bob Moore and Roger Parry on Sunday 14 February. We did not do quite so well as in the Nature Cup,coming equal 20th out of 100 clubs, but still the top scoring club in the WCPF area. We had to submit 15 images and once again Spike Piddock had our top scoring image with 'Swimming with Jacks' which was awarded 13 points. You can view our GB Cup entry in the PAGB GB Open Cup 2016 Gallery and the overall results are available on the PAGB website

The results in these three competitions show once again that we are a high-achieving club with a good range of quality images across the range of genres, Nature in particular. Congratulations to all those photographers who had images selected and especially to Spike Piddock for twice having the top scoring image!