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2016-17 Competition 7: Focus on Nature Projected Images and Prints - 08 May 2017

At the Brownsword Hall, 08 May 2017
Judge: Paul Keene FRPS

Gallery of placed and highly commended images

Section A Projected35 Images 
FirstHeron with Water Shrew (Overall winner Section A)Iain Friend
SecondFemale AnhingaMary Cantrille
ThirdSingle Pink Anemone FishSpike Piddock
Highly CommendedBee-eater Territory DisputeSusan Buckland
 NuthatchJane Lee
 Red-veined DarterIain Cameron
 Green Turtle SurfacingPenny Piddock
 Rosy PelicanMary Cantrille
 ImpalaChrista Bott
 Hummingbird HawkmothIain Cameron
Section A Prints15 Images 
FirstTim DowntonSquacco Heron with Fish
SecondTim DowntonGlossy Ibis with Leech
ThirdMartin DavenportKingfisher at the Stour
Highly CommendedJane LeePolar Bear waiting in the snow
 Di TilsleySnipe
 Ivor TomsCosta Rica White Face Monkeys
Section B Projected21 Images 
FirstDartford Warbler, Arne (Overall winner Section B)Jeremy Lee-Potter
SecondLarge Red Damselfly on GorseJeremy Lee-Potter
ThirdWrenSteve Davenport
Highly CommendedA long drinkAnn McKinna
 The Prince, Agarius AugustusMichael Martin
 Watching FrogCarol Tritton
 KoalaHelen Lord
 Swan in FlightSteve Davenport
Section B Prints8 Images 
FirstFrank SchweitzerBearded Reedling with Roost material
SecondDavid McKinnaBataleur Eagles Namibia
ThirdCheryl ConnerUnwelcome visitors
Highly CommendedDavid McKinnaAlas poor Oryx
 Anne McKinnaBaboon Battle