Competition Results from Previous Seasons

Club Competitions 2020-21

Details and results for the Club's Competitions in the 2019-2020 season
Please download and read our Competition Rules, Guidance and Definitions before preparing your entries. Also please check that your entries comply with the Competition Definitions where applicable. Submission of entries will be taken as acceptance of all conditions.

NoCompetition DateDeadlineTitleSection ***JudgeDefinitions / ResultsGallery / PhotoEntry Link**
105 Oct 202021 SepOpen DigitalAdvancedSally Sallett ARPS CPAGB AFIAP BPE3*ResultsGallery
119 Oct 202005 OctOpen DigitalClubMarilyn Roberts DPAGB BPE3*ResultsGallery
202 Nov 202019 OctThemed Digital: Macro / Close UpAdvanced & Club SeparateTony North CPAGB BPE3*ResultsGallery
323 Nov 202002 NovOpen PrintAdvanced & Club CombinedStewart Wall MA ARPSResultsGallery
407 Dec 202023 NovMonochrome DigitalAdvanced & Club SeparateMartin Patten DPAGB, LRPS, BPE4*, QPSAResultsGallery
525 Jan 202111 JanThemed Digital: ArchitectureAdvanced & Club SeparateClive Tanner FRPS MPAGB APAGBResultsGallery
601 Mar 202108 Feb / 15 FebOpen DigitalAdvanced & Club SeparateMarilyn Roberts DPAGB BPE3*ResultsGallery
719 Apr 202105 AprFocus on Nature DigitalAdvanced & Club SeparateSimon PalmerResultsGallery
824 May 202110 MayCreative DigitalAdvanced & Club SeparateLaura PearceResultsGallery
912 Jul 202121 JunOpen PrintAdvanced & Club CombinedKen Holland ARPS DPAGBResultsGallery

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*** - Advanced and Club are the new names for Section A and Section B

Results for Competition 1 Open Digital - Advanced

Advanced Section Judged by Sally Sallet ARPS CPAGB AFIAP BPE3* on 05 Oct 2020 (58 Digital Images)
FirstBottalack MineGarry Prescott
SecondComet Neowise above The FleetGlynn Grylls
ThirdBattling Through the Flying MudMalcolm Kitto
HCEuropean Roller with CricketSusan Buckland
HCEarly RiserTony Gill
CWeaver birds bathingLisa Bukalders
CThorncombe WoodTony Gill
CTake That!Stephen Jones
CObjects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear!Anthony Page

Results for Competition 1 Open Digital - Club

Club Section Judged by Marilyn Roberts DPAGB BPE3* on 19 Oct 2019 (36 Digital Images)

FirstRed footed falcons matingJenny Warr
SecondSanta SpecialDes Fogerty
ThirdWhite Iberian StorksPaul Raudner
HCThe Model MakerPeter Downton
HCKris Barras BandHelen Gibson
HCBlue Hour in VeniceJenny Warr
CBeats WalkingDavid Knott
CCroonerNorman Marsh
CReach for the Sky but keep your feet on the ground!Chris Parvin
CAttacus Atlas MothLisa Rendall
CNeowise over the A35Phil Whiffing

Results for Competition 2 Themed Digital: Macro Close Up - Advanced and Club Sections Separate

Judged by Tony North CPAGB BPE3* on 02 Nov 2020 (54 Advanced, 20 Club Digital Images)

Advanced Section  
FirstRemember Say NothingCarole Zimmerman
SecondAlien InvasionStephen Jones
ThirdBlue-tailed DamselfiesSusan Buckland
HCKoringkriekLisa Bukalders
HCThe Flying saucerCheryl Connor
HCClouded Sulphur at salt lickJane Lee
HCCommon Blue Butterflies MatingStephen Lee
CJune afternoonAnnette Beardsley
CClose up, but no closerLisa Bukalders
CFly AgaricMartin Davenport
CBlack and Yellow Longhorn BeetleTim Downton
CThe Colour PurpleChris Eaves
CRaindrops on a Dandelion Seed HeadChris Eaves
CDor Beetle, Geotrupes StercorariusGlynn Grylls
CElephant Hawk Moth, Vibrating WingsStephen Jones
CAngel's BonnetPeter Yendell
Club Section  
FirstKeyboardDes Fogerty
SecondMatch the HatchPhil Whiffing
ThirdSpeckled Bush Cricket on buttercupLisa Rendall
HCCaterpillar ( Pale Tussock moth )Lisa Rendall
HCA Touch of BlueberryJanine Scola
HCBrowniePhil Whiffing
CRed DamselflyHelen Gibson
CEarly Spider OrchidDavid Knott
CPeacock on Geranium leavesJeremy Lee-Potter
CMarbled White on PotentillaJeremy Lee-Potter
CTangledChris Parvin

Results for Competition 3 - Open Print - Advanced and Club Sections Combined

Judged by Stewart Wall MA ARPS on 23 Nov 2020 (56 Prints)

FirstIdaho TreesStephen Lee
SecondA Long Way to WalkPeter Yendell
ThirdWhere The Land EndsGarry Prescott
FourthThe Not So Bald EagleGarry Prescott
HCBude Sea Pool at High TideSusan Buckland
HCGlossy Ibis Tossing GrubTim Downton
HCTetonia Grain ElevatorJane Lee
HCA Walk in the RainJane Lee
HCThe Old Leaning BarnStephen Lee
HCWhitethroatDi Tilsley
CBittern in FlightSusan Buckland
CStalking lionessLisa Bukalders
CTime for CoffeePaul Clarke
CHammers RaisedTim Downton
CLockdownSusan Hendrick
CEstuary SunsetDerek Philpott
CWidows Comparing RingsPenny Piddock
CA Moment FramedCarol Tritton
CStranger on the ShoreDee Wareham
COn the WallGeoff Wareham

Results for Competition 4 - Monochrome Digital - Advanced and Club Sections Separate

Judged by Martin Patten DPAGB, LRPS, BPE4*, QPSA on 07 Dec 2020 (71 Advanced, 25 Section B Digital Images)

Advanced Section  
FirstThe Wood Beyond the WorldTony Gill
SecondLead SoloTony Gill
ThirdRubble makes a ruinGarry Prescott
HCEmotionChrista Bott
HCOulankan reindeerSteve Broadhurst
HCBuffalo encounterLisa Bukalders
HCConcentrationTim Downton
HCTeam Time TrialStephen Jones
HCMorahan breaksJane Lee
HCIceberg SelfieAnthony Page
HCManta Ray TurningSpike Piddock
HCCamel RiderPeter Yendell
HCSpread Eagle OwlCarole Zimmerman
CChallenge and DefendHelen Jones
CGrey SealStephen Lee
CLearning the Art of TapestryPenny Piddock
CStaircase, De La Warre PavilionCarol Tritton
C18th Century British SoldierGeoff Wareham
Club Section  
FirstYoung Roe Buck In Barley.Peter Downton
SecondThirsty ZebrasPhil Whiffing
ThirdQuiraing, Isle of SkyeChris Parvin
HCThe InstitutionSara Harpley
HCMoonDavid Knott
HCHengistbury headDavid Knott
HCWinning TeamLisa Rendall
HCAvocet at Brownsea IslandJenny Warr
CHoneyDes Fogerty
CStairs to the topNorman Marsh
CIt's gentle todayNorman Marsh

Results for Competition 5 - Themed Digital: Architecture - Advanced and Club Sections Separate

Judged by Clive Tanner FRPS MPAGB APAGB on 25 Jan 2021 (67 Advanced, 21 Club Digital Images)

Advanced Section  
FirstThe Light of Kings CrossPeter Yendell
SecondSkeletal FramesHelen Lord
ThirdCardiff CurveCarol Tritton
HCShanghai MuseumVal Brierley
HCSt.Stephens Cathedral,ViennaMalcolm Kitto
HCRail Bridge over the TweedGraham Lawrence
HCGrand Staircase GranadaAnthony Page
HCMusee D'OrsayPenny Piddock
HCStaircase SwirlCarol Tritton
CWinterborne Tomson Norman ChurchVal Brierley
CMuseum of Liverpool reflecting on historySteve Broadhurst
COld Foundry on the Canal BasinGraham Lawrence
CLofoten BridgesStephen Lee
CBahai Lotus TempleDerek Philpott
CThe LouvreFrances Underwood
CAlong the CorridorDee Wareham
CDIY SOS with sea viewCarole Zimmerman
Club Section  
FirstHistorical ReflectionDes Fogerty
SecondDome - Humayun's TombJanine Scola
ThirdGreenwichPhil Whiffing
HCAberdeen University LibraryPeter Downton
HCChurch detail SalamancaMichael Martin
HCEly CathedralPhil Whiffing
CA BuildingDes Fogerty
CEye's OpenNorman Marsh
CThe subtle colours of homeDavid Whitton

Results for Competition 6 - Open Digital - Advanced and Club Sections Separate

Judged by Marilyn Roberts DPAGB BPE3* on 01 Mar 2021 (57 Advanced, 24 Club Digital Images)

Advanced Section  
FirstNew Year's DayTony Gill
SecondThe ChargeStephen Jones
ThirdToo Many PeopleHelen Jones
HCGirl in a ShawlVal Brierley
HCOn The ChargeSusan Buckland
HCKingfisher on the River StourTim Downton
HCA Quantum of SolaceHelen Jones
HCCorfe Castle Sunrise New Year's Day 2021Garry Prescott
CNamib coastlineLisa Bukalders
CEggardon MorningMalcolm Kitto
CSnowstorm in the Kootenay ValleyStephen Lee
CFrom Autumn to WinterAnthony Page
CThe Volleyball MatchSpike Piddock
CBlack Bear on ShorelineJohn Tilsley
Club Section  
FirstAlesund NorwayJanine Scola
SecondDelphiniumsLisa Rendall
ThirdThe Old Barn Forston-Peter Downton
HCPlanting Rice - ChinaJanine Scola
HCCrawford BridgePhil Whiffing
CDecember AfternoonHelen Gibson
CTamil TrampNorman Marsh
CCorsican coastlineNorman Marsh
CClifftop VillageMichael Martin

Results for Competition 7 - Focus on Nature Digital - Advanced and Club Sections Separate

Judged by Simon Palmer on 19 April 2021 (42 Advanced, 21 Club Digital Images)

Advanced Section  
FirstGull Fish FightGarry Prescott
SecondRobin enjoying the Spring sunshineLisa Bukalders
ThirdGreat Grey Owl WatchingCarole Zimmerman
HCDragonflyIvor Toms
CPassiflora and Green BrilliantMary Cantrille
CRed Fox in the SnowStephen Lee
CPorcelain Crab Filter FeedingSpike Piddock
CFeeding BehaviourPeter Yendell
Club Section  
FirstRare Pink GrasshopperLisa Rendall
SecondGeese Taking FlightHelen Gibson
ThirdPorcelain FungusChris Parvin
CMarbled White in Sunlit MeadowHelen Gibson
CCoryzus hyoscyami bugJeremy Lee-Potter
CScabious HeartPhil Whiffing

Results for Competition 8 - Creative Digital - Advanced and Club Sections Separate

Judged by Laura Pearce on 24 May 2021 (58 Advanced, 21 Club Digital)

Advanced Section  
FirstLight on SeilebostRosie Mathisen
SecondIris ImpressionsJane Lee
ThirdIndependent Market Cheap StreetJane Tearle
HCWhat nowLisa Bukalders
HCGoldbeakDerek Philpott
HCAlone on the BeachCarol Tritton
HCNightmare on the HillCarol Tritton
CThe GatheringMartin Beddoes
CReleasedStephen Jones
Club Section  
FirstKingfisher resting in Rainbow ShowersLisa Rendall
SecondFour GondolasHelen Gibson
ThirdAlton LanePeter Downton
HCBluebell WoodPat Norris
HCDepartment of Earth Sciences Oxford UniversityChris Parvin

Results for Competition 9 - Open Print - Advanced and Club Sections Combined

Judged by Ken Holland ARPS DPAGB on 12 Jul 2021 (46 Prints)

FirstDragonfly PerchPeter Yendell
SecondCommon TernsSusan Buckland
ThirdSand RipplesJane Lee
ThirdFallenStephen Lee
HCHareMartin Beddoes
HCFindhorn Valley in Winter SunTim Downton
HCSeagull FrenzyHelen Gibson
HCLily with Welsh PoppySusan Hendrick
HCEvery Little HelpsHelen Jones
HCBiscuit Basin, YellowstoneJane Lee
HCSpiny-cheeked Anemone fishSpike Piddock
HCKep LadyJane Tearle
HCRearguard FallsDi Tilsley
HCLeft in a hurry...Carol Tritton