Review - Bristol Salon Show, 15 Apr 2019

The 73rd Bristol International Salon Show came to Dorchester Camera Club on 15 April 2019
The 73rd Bristol International Salon Show came to Dorchester Camera Club on 15 April 2019. With 208 entries and 76 acceptances, and a range nine of awards in this prestigious international salon, Dorchester would be enjoying their home successes as well as seeing an amazing range of top class digital images from all around the world. And so it was.

The salon was brought to us by Pete Howell, the Chairman of the Salon and, after a few technical hitches, we were set for an evening of quality photographs. The presentation started with the excitement of water sports and the details created in spuming water followed by beautifully edited mono portraits and on to misty landscapes, all with appropriately selected music as background.

For those of us who entered we have the awarded images projected to look at again in a beautiful glossy magazine, with time to study in more detail. The first half of the show gave us many of the accepted images from the 25% of the total of over 9,600 from 59 countries and 940 photographers! Phenomenal numbers to judge by the experienced and renowned photographers in their field.
The treat for us was to see the range of images, many well processed but essentially ‘straight shots’ as well as the creative styles with textured backgrounds, composites and combinations of the two. Travel pictures could appear in the Open Category or the Mono as well as Travel; similarly creative images appeared in Open or Mono so the pace and interest of the presentation kept everyone involved whatever their particular interest.

Inspirational is the word I would use for all of the images. A feeling of ‘I must try harder’ or ‘I can do better’. The thought of ‘I have a similar image to that , must go look for it’. Can I process more successfully? For me as a travel enthusiast ..’where can I go next?’ !!

Thank you to Bristol for all the hard work put into the running of the salon and for the AV presentation and its visits to the provinces!! We appreciate it!

Jane Tearle