Review - Southampton International Salon Print Exhibition, 08 Apr 2019

Sue Sibley brought us a presentation of accepted prints from the 2019 Southampton International Salon.
Sue Sibley brought us a presentation of accepted prints from the 2019 Southampton International Salon and we were delighted to welcome her back to the club..

The Southampton International Salon is a big photography competition attracting entries from all over the world. This is the 106th year of the Salon which shows just how very successful it is. There are both print and PDI sections, with around a 25% acceptance rate. The awarded prints go on display at West Quay Shopping Centre and Sue takes both prints and PDIs presentations to a number of Camera Clubs in Southern England. We have the print presentation - as a club many of us enjoy printing - and it's always a pleasure to see such a range top quality prints close-up. 13 of our own members had work accepted in either the Print or PDI sections (in some cases both) and we were delighted to see successful work by Jane Lee, Stephen Lee, Penny Piddock, Paul Clarke, James Kelly, Jay Haines and Stephen Jones being shown.

Sue started by showing us the Monochrome prints, followed by Open and finishing with Nature. Sue's always a very relaxed and entertaining speaker so her commentary was great and there was a bit of debate from the floor over certain images - as is the case in every competition, club, national or international - judging is subjective and everyone will find they disagree with some decisions and thoroughly endorse others! It was an excellent opportunity to have a close look a very wide range of photographs from around the world and compare different styles - those photos from Asia, for example, had far more bright and saturated colour than the ones from the UK and Europe as that's the fashion there. It was an opportunity to examine work by a large number of authors - some names we recognised as top UK photographers but we also saw work by new, up & coming photographers - names to watch for in the future - and by International photographers whose work we don't normally get a chance to see. Furthermore it was interesting to see the range of different papers selected (some quite unusual), perhaps giving us new ideas to try for our own work.

So thank you so much, Sue, for visiting us and once again giving us a thoroughly enjoyable evening!

Helen Jones