Review - Three-way Meeting, 23 Apr 2019

A review of the Three-way Meeting with Sherborne-Bradford Abbas and Shaftesbury, 23 April 2019 - The Story Behind the Picture
A review of the Three-way Meeting with Sherborne-Bradford Abbas and Shaftesbury, 23 April 2019 - The Story Behind the Picture

A most enjoyable evening was spent in the village hall at Bradford Abbas in the company of members from Shaftesbury Camera Club and hosted by Sherborne Bradford Abbas Camera Club.
The format of the evening was to encourage sharing pictures - no competitive element, but stories and memories associated with the images as told by the photographer. Ten images from each club gave us 30 photos over the evening… before and after the delicious cakes and tea or coffee!

During the evening and through a huge variety of photos we visited Nepal several times with admiration for the Nepalese men who could carry awkward and heavy loads up a mountain at great speed; the portrait of an old nun always at her temple post, monsoon or not; to India and the alternative view of the Taj Mahal taken in panoramic on an iPhone and enabled by a most helpful (Nepalese) taxi driver.

France gave us the chess master intent on teaching a small girl the next move; the wreck revisited, Le Mont St Michel on a long and wet cycle ride both using a high key presentation. Northern Greece and Bulgaria for the adventures of trying to get the bird photo you were after, pelican and owl, regardless of the weather and other environmental difficulties; Slovenian Sunrise where moving yourself to look for a new composition, a beautiful barn, and then having the good luck of gorgeous light - the opportunity taken!

Madagascar with the noise of the calling Indri assaulting our ears, duly recorded by the photographer! New Zealand where climbing a mountain was involved; the wildness of a walk in Patagonia; Austria where an amazing castle and the sound of an organ playing aroused good memories; a sunset on La Gomera; undersea in the Maldives for a tiddly Anton Bruuin Cleaner Shrimp. Guess who?

Nearer to home, Ham Hill at sunset with sihouettes; sea foam in Jersey, the influence of Paul Sanders and the use of Lee filters; a flying avocet on Brownsea and the tip to know your subject; St Ives harbour in sharp front to back details taken as a panoramic; memories of the City of London with the iconic red double decker; puffin and puffling on Skomer with a prepared for bad weather window (ie extra food) so the photographer had the place to himself; Yeovilton on an organised photo shoot with a post World War 2 aircraft having its wings folded; Cleeve Abbey with wife of the photographer posing in front of a beautiful leaded window, presented in mono; the drift mine from Beamish Museum taking us back to the hard dark days for those miners.

The more unusual images involving particular knowledge. The Milky Way at Portland with Mars giving a red reflection across the water; Sleeping Beauty, a new version using Irfan view and rotations of the Stairhole Rocks at Lulworth; the model with red lips, winking through the blinds, a GIF; and then there was the dead mouse eating cheese; the racoons photographed in the dark with a hit and miss approach; and finally four images taken in the Sal Forest, India while looking for elusive tigers, experimenting while travelling in a jeep and panning the camera in the opposite direction with the aim of looking for the energy of movement, the biological energy ie seasonal colour in the leaves and a spiritual energy. A fascinating way of working and experimenting with ICT! It would be good to see more.

Variety in the spice of life! These sort of evenings show the range of interests we have in our photography and how sharing them makes a truly socially interactive occasion. Thank you to everyone who took part and SBA CC for hosting us all.

~ Jane Tearle