Review - Members Evening with Garry, Glynn and Spike, 13 May 2019

A Members Evening with a difference - Garry, Glynn and Spike present three very different talks.
A Members Evening with a difference – first off was Garry Prescott, a new member to the club and only recently ventured into the world of photography. This started with his passion for nature, a new camera and a whole new way to see all creatures great and small. His journey included wonderful images of Kingfishers, Owls, and the finely streaked plumage of the Bittern, seen imperceptibly in the reed beds of Blashford Lakes. With an upgrade in lens and filters, he is now experimenting with landscape photography. He showed various images, both coastal and other vistas, using different techniques and learning along the way, as we all do!

In complete contrast in topic, the second session was taken by Glynn Grylls. Whilst walking the dog in local woods, he became aware of several ancient oak tree stumps. This gave him the idea to turn them into eerie ethereal images to form a panel. He highlighted one particular image of an old stump and talked through how he had changed the original to formulate his ‘vision’ in the final image, welcoming any feedback from members. Quite by chance, and a bit of surprise to Glynn, everyone managed to see ‘faces’ within each of the knarred stumps! Positive feedback was exchanged and we look forward to seeing the final version at a later date.

The final ‘showing’ of the evening was spearheaded by Spike Piddock and took us underwater to see some of the many ‘Wrecks’ lying beneath our oceans. A fascinating insight, in not only how they reached their final resting places, but how, over time, they have become havens for many species of coral and colourful fish, from which to feed and to seek shelter. One particular wreck - ‘Thistlegorm’ –had been struck during the Second World War and sunk, lying 20m down at the start of the Suez Canal. Seeing the wonderful marine life which called it ‘home’ was captivating, but astoundingly, there were still live rounds of rusting ammunition and torpedoes, all ready to go bang with the wrong touch!

Overall it was a great opportunity to see other members work and how their individual passions fuel their love of photography.

Janine Scola