Competition - Creative Prints, 03 Jun 2019

Monday 3rd June saw our final competition of the season - Creative Prints
Monday 3rd June saw our final competition of the season - our Creative Prints Competition. There was a fairly small entry (41 in total between the A and B sections) as not everyone has tried creative work - but the standard, was, as always, very high and I know it has inspired some of our members to think about trying some different techniques themselves.

Most our our entries had been 'made' creative through post-processing but it was good to see that people had also been experimenting with in-camera creative work and there was a very wide range of techniques and some very original work on display.

Our judge was Marija Lees LRPS from Exeter. Marija last judged for us four years ago and that was the first competition she had ever judged. Since then she has become a very popular judge and we were delighted to welcome her back.
Marija approached the task with great enthusiasm, saying that she was looking for photos that were clearly altered reality in some way and which she could respond to. She was very positive in her approach, encouraging everyone by highlighting all the strengths in their images, and also, where appropriate, giving suggestions as to how work could be improved. She did, however remind us, that that was only her opinion and that every photographer makes the image for him or herself and that everyone sees things differently.

Marija brought plenty of humour into the evening and was very relaxed and friendly - I noticed people chatting to her about their work in the break. The photographers of the winning prints were also very happy to come to the front and talk a little about their work - their techniques and inspiration and the audience were invited to ask questions. All in all, a very good end to a great season of competitions .....oh, and Marija was wearing the most amazing shoes too! A bit of shoe-envy here! Thank you, Marija!