Review - Two of Our Own (part 1) - Janet Comley, 10 Jun 2019

Two of Our Own - A review by Jane Tearle in two parts. Part 1, Janet Comley, 10 Jun 2019
A review of the Club Members Evening on 10 Jun 2019 - Two of Our Own - Part 1, Janet Comley

We settled in for an evening of two halves with two of ‘our own’ showing us their individual and contrasting styles. We were not disappointed!

The first photographer, with many years of photography alongside her Gerald, as they travelled the world, was Janet Comley. Wired up with the microphone Janet began on her pile of prints showing us walls with texture, doors with muted colours; bits of models in windows; a tryptich combining models with stairs. ‘I just messed around a bit till I got what I liked’.

Initially much of Janet’s work was done on slide film which she combined and sandwiched to produce a distinctive image of her own. No photoshop then! Her imaginative skills and independent ‘I didn’t like to complain about Gerald’s printing’, so she learned to do it herself, meant an individual style to her pictures. She became adventurous with colour, form and design especially in her abstracts which could go ‘this way’ or maybe ‘the other way up’.

Rocks, butterflies and candids, to a special favourite, reflections with flipped castles in the sand made to look the right way up with a gorgeous sky (sand) behind it! Janet admitted she could see pictures everywhere ‘ even on a loo floor’!! She loved the visits to Tenerife , visiting the beaches at sundown, wave patterns and solitary figures catching her eye from a raised high point. Many of these had done well in competitions and she showed us some of her particular successes going back over 45 years. Using her trusty Olympus..

(and no tripod ever!) Janet explained how she ‘wiggled and played around’ with composites, PS being part of her armoury now. She has, over the years, won several cameras, holidays and a champagne breakfast at Harrods!

John in his thanks said he had been taken on a journey back through the years at Dorchester with a number of Janet’s images conjuring up memories from particular competitions in which Janet had played an important part in the club success. A lesson to us all…. Janet is still producing work in her own inimitable style and showing an obvious delight and enthusiasm in what comes out of her printer!

[Second Half, Susan Hendrick

Jane Tearle