Review - Two of Our Own (part 2) - Susan Hendrick, 10 Jun 2019

Two of Our Own - A review by Jane Tearle in two parts. Part 2, Susan Hendrick, 10 Jun 2019
A review of the Club Members Evening on 10 Jun 2019 - Two of Our Own - Part 2, Susan Hendrick

Our second photographer was Susan Hendricks FRPS and we could see why she has achieved those coveted letters after her name, and how, in a most understated way, she achieves such delightful and special images.

Susan works at a table in her conservatory for many of her images, collecting minute pieces of coloured rock from special beaches in Cornwall, keeping them moist with a pastry brush and then using macro photography to take her image. The light is always natural. The only adjustments to colour are done with sliders on the computer. The resulting images are abstract with subtle and beautiful colouring and details. Some look like landscapes.

Her FRPS panel was done using fish scales and she has a good relationship with her fishmonger who let her take fish heads from the gut bucket! The detailed and macro style of her images and the fact they are all presented immaculately in the same size small aperture mounts ( ‘makes life easier!’) gives a consistency to her work.

Susan, using her Olympus mirrorless on a tripod, likes to work in panels and has been trying to develop one based on old toys, dolls in particular, but having difficulty sourcing the right sort of doll! So has moved on to other things like sacking, leaves, skulls and cling film. Within her camera she has the option of double exposures and so has been experimenting with this in a very creative way.

A set of pictures taken within a tunnel in Perugia, Italy, and using double exposures with lights from windows, signs and drain covers, had us all drooling over the expertise and vision Susan brings to her work, as well as the subtle colour pallette. We are also envious of the way she is able to pre-visualise what she is trying to achieve, with maybe only 2 or 3 images actually made!

What a super evening with two very imaginative and creative people sharing their images with us all. We are so lucky to have the range of photographers in the club that we do! Thank you both.

[First Half, Janet Comley]

Jane Tearle