Competition - PAGB Inter-Club PDI Championship (Warwick), 13 Jul 2019

Helen and Stephen Jones represented the club at the PAGB Inter-Club PDI Championship at Warwick University on 13 July, taking with them a 'bank' of 40 images from club members. The competition is an inter-club battle between the top two clubs in each UK photographic federation, together with the 8 finalists from the previous year. We were joined by Bristol to make up the pair of qualifying clubs from the Western Counties.

We were placed joint 10th after the first round of 8 pre-selected images. After the second round (another 8 images) we'd dropped to 15th place. The top 8 clubs went forward into the final; the remaining 30 clubs fought it out for the Plate. In the Plate we entered 8 images, of which four had been used in Round 1 or 2. We were ranked joint 12th out of 38 in the plate, tying with our friends from Wareham and also Chichester (both representing the Southern Counties), all scoring 101 points.

We took work by 17 different photographers and used work by 12. These are the photographers / photos that scored 12 or more:

Susan Buckland - Smash and Roll 12
Lisa Bukalders - Ostrich Family Outing 13, The Ostrich's Journey 13
Mary Cantrille - White Ibis 12
Paul Clarke - A Woman of Good Social Position 13, Hello, Can You Hear Me? 12, Time for Coffee 12
Martin Davenport - Bearded Reedling 12
Ian Friend - Mountain Hare Foraging 13
Stephen Jones - Team Race 12, Catch 12
Jane Lee - Fence Line 15, Kirkjufell Waterfalls 13, Frosted Trees 12
Penny Piddock - Delicate 12

The winners were Smethwick in the Final, with Inn Focus winning the Plate.

All the images that we used can be seen here.