Review - How to put an AV together - Ian Bateman, 16 Sep 2019

A review by Val Brierley - Ian Bateman FRPS demonstrated how to make great Audio Visual sequences, then showed his latest work
The evening was billed as how to put an Audio Visual (AV) show together, but it was so much more than that.

Ian started off by telling us how to prepare to make an AV - firstly decide on your project, then create a folder with project images and choose your aspect ratio, more important that probably most of us realised. Most cameras produce 3:2 ratio and images are usually 4:3 for competitions etc but 16:9 will fill the screen nicely especially for showing on TV. Lastly resizing images is important so that the project isn’t a very large size.

Ian took us through the various software available to make AVs although most people use PicturesToExe. He then opened up a partially constructed project and showed how to add images and music, synchronising the soundtrack to the slides. He talked us through obtaining the correct music licences for broadcast. The last addition was an excellent reading by Maggie of a specially written poem which was recorded and then added to a project.

After the interval Ian showed us some of his own AVs, a wonderful variety from pure photo harmony to entertaining “talkies”. We had The Gallery, Stonehenge and Mary Hill, Cathedrals, a wonderful Game of Thrones themed AV, the entertaining Oregon Vortex and a time travelling The Valiant Soldier. Seeing these and how to make them gave us all food for thought so we should have an excellent AV night later in the year (02 Dec - see Programme).

~ Val Brierley

Note from Helen: As a result of last night's tutorial we have been promised a flying penguin AV by Stephen Lee for our AV night - something to look forward to and brighten up a December evening.