Review - Street Photography by Peter Crane, 30 Sep 2019

A review by Helen Jones - an evening of street photography with Peter Crane.
On 30th September 2019 we welcomed Peter Crane ARPS with his highly-entertaining talk on Street Photography. Peter is also an angler and likened his photography to 'catching people' - and he certainly did! His people photos were clever, often cheeky, quite daring, sometimes controversial - but above all, humorous!

Peter said at the start that you needed lots of self-confidence to be a street photographer and to photograph people unawares. He certainly showed he had this, and also dedication because he would often stake out an interesting setting and wait for not just for the right person, but the right person in the right position. He proved that he had a tremendous seeing-eye and an inate ability to capture decisive moments and tell a story in a single picture.

Peter works mainly in colour - unusual for a street photographer - but when you see his photos you will realise why. He waits for people to move into his shot wearing coordinating or complementary colours. Some of his juxtapostions were brilliant and his eye for colour was amazing.

Peter explained that to be a street photographer you need to be inconspicuous, blend in and move fast! No time to think about changing your settings. He 'wears' his camera around his wrist; he sets his camera to auto ISO and pre-sets aperture and shutter-speed manually so that he is always ready for the the shot. He uses continuous drive so that he gets a sequence of images and he often shoots from the hip. Sometimes he shoots raw, but more often in jpeg and his post-processing is always minimal. He tries to get it right in camera - a lesson for us all!

Judging by the laughter, the number of questions and the size of the audience, it was a talk our members really enjoyed even if they were not 'people' photographers themselves.

I know many of our members would not have the confidence to to ask strangers for portraits or stick their cameras close to passers-by, but Peter showed us ways you could take a more subtle approach to street work and blend into the background. It's all about the seeing! I really hope that this talk will have stimulated people and persuaded them to move out of their comfort zone and try a different approach to photography.

Hopefully this talk has encouraged everyone to have a go at street photography whatever their photographic background. We will all have a chance to get Peter's opinion on our efforts as he is returning to judge our Street Photography competition on 20th January 2020.

So, thank you, Peter for inspiring and entertaining us! We look forward to welcoming you back in the new year!

~ Helen Jones