Review - The Western Counties Travelling Exhibition visits the club, 14 Oct 2019

A review by Helen Jones - Members enjoy the visit of the WCPF Travelling Exhibition
We had an extremely interesting evening on 14 Oct when the Travelling Print Exhibition of the Western Counties Photographic Federation visited the club. This is always a popular evening and despite the miserable weather we had a great turn out.

Penny began the evening with a lesson in critique, starting with a discussion as to what the word meant. She then used photos by Helen & Stephen Jones to illustrate just how subjective judging is and how hard it can be to choose between two very different styles of work. Stephen likes to previsualise his shots. He knows his camera well, aims for technical perfection and does a lot of post processing to maximise visual impact. Helen has no technical skill or interest, does minimal post processing but aims for spontaneity, story-telling and catching decisive moments. The result is two very different styles of photography and you can't say one is better than the other. It depends on the competition and your personal tastes.

We then split into four groups led by Glynn Grylls, Norman Marsh, Sid Jones and Stephen Jones to discuss the WCPF prints. The prints were split into four - mono, colour, nature and one mixed mono/colour set - with each set displayed on a print stand. Members of each group viewed each print in the hand and discussed their likes and dislikes with the rest of the group. The idea was to critique each photo and arrange the prints on the stand with the top four on the top row. We then rotated to the next print stand.

There was lively debate, plenty of discussion and many questions. We all had different favourites! We looked at every aspect of the prints, including the choice of paper and discussed why we thought the photographers had chosen to process their photos in the way they had e.g why they had chosen mono rather the colour; why they chosen a particular crop and so on. Every group's top four in each section was different. We didn't look on the backs of the prints but sometimes we managed to select those with the highest scores....and sometimes we didn't!

Dorchester Camera Club members are not known for being quiet or shy when it comes to talking about photos and tonight we were all keen to voice our opinions and debate the merits of all the prints. One thing we did all agree on however was that the overall standard was extremely high and that we were very lucky to be able to have a close look at so much beautiful work.

~ Helen
Club members discuss Prints from the WCPF Travelling Exhibition (Jane Tearle)