Competitions - A review of our Open Digital Section B Competition judged by Sara Harpley, 21 Oct 2019

A review by Helen Jones - Open Digital Competition, judged by Sara Harpley
Monday 21st October was our first Section B Competition of the season - Open Digital - and what a great competition it was! We had the largest number of entries for any Section B competition to date, including entries from a number of people who are either new members or who had not entered a club competition before. We also had a very high turnout of club members to support the evening.

Our judge was Sara Harpley from Portland Camera Club. Sara is a newly appointed WCPF judge and this was her first experience of judging for real - but you wouldn't have known it from the way she tackled the task. She was so enthusiastic about every photo and really celebrated the positives in every picture. She gave our members some very useful feedback too - relevant to everyone whether Section B or Section A. She reminded us all of the importance of a strong narrative, the value of negative space and to take care not to leave too much clutter round the edges of a photo or have too much uninteresting foreground.

Sara made us laugh too - she was a highly entertaining judge and everyone warmed to her bubbly, cheerful personality. She also educated us. We now all know what a Penrose Triangle is and, if we have done the 'homework' she set us, why a sunset is brighter at the top than the bottom. We felt that she enjoyed looking at every single image and made a real effort to understand the photographer's intent.

We finished the evening with our successful photographers in both this competition, and the recent Section A Open Digital Competition, talking about their work.

Thank you to Sara for being such a wonderful judge, to our competition team of Iain, Sue and Malcolm and to everyone who contributed photos to make it such an excellent competition.

~ Helen Jones

Open Digital Competition Results and Gallery
Open Digital Section B Competition Winners, with Judge Sara Harpley (Neil Crick)