Competitions - A review of our Travel Prints Competition judged by Eddy Lane, 18 Nov 2019

A review by Helen Jones - Travel Prints Competition (Sections A and B), judged by Eddy Lane ARPS DPAGB EFIAP
On Monday 18 November we held our second competition of the year - Travel Prints - and we were delighted to welcome our judge Eddy Lane ARPS DPAGB EFIAP. Eddy is recognised as one of the country's top judges and travel is a subject he personally loves.

We set travel as a subject because it brings its own challenges - the rules are similar to nature and you are allowed to do very little post-processing - for example no cloning, no moving objects around, removing objects, blurring out backgrounds etc. Eddy began by reminding us of these rules and by reminding us that travel photos can be taken anywhere (they don't need to be taken overseas or in exotic locations) but what they must convey is a sense of place!

Eddy judged the B section first (and commented on the very high standard) followed by the A section. The A section standard was excellent. Eddy held back more photos than he could award and had a tough job whittling them down! He was a most congenial and entertaining judge and he gave every photo very helpful feedback.

Through the course of both competitions, Eddy made some useful observations about travel photography and we could all learn something from these - many will apply to other genres too . First and foremost for travel there must be a sense of place. Eddy strongly advised against close-cropping - the current fashion, across all genres, is to give the subject space and the photograph context. He also said that it is important that the subject looks comfortable with being photographed - you certainly don't want a cheesy grin but if the person looks unhappy or cross about having their photo taken, think again. As is so often the case, lower viewpoints can work better; simplicity and immediate visual impact are important in competition photos when judges get little time to appreciate details. Think about removing the sky as an uninteresting sky can ruin an otherwise excellent photo. Consider carefully whether mono is the right approach for a travel picture - often colour brings a travel photo to life. Finally for a big competition, don't make your images too small. You lose too much detail and the judges struggles to see them!

Eddy ended an excellent judging sessions by showing us some of his own work which we very much appreciated.

Thank you to Eddy for a great evening and our competition team of Malcolm, Sue and Di for their hard work on the evening; to Iain and Steve on PhotoEntry and the website - the gallery images were up by 11pm. Also Tim and Sue put all the print stands up by themselves so I am most grateful to them - and also most grateful to everyone who agreed to stay behind afterwards to clear away.

~ Helen Jones

Travel Print Competition Results and Gallery
Travel Print Competition Winners, with Judge Eddy Lane (Neil Crick)