Review - Audio Visual Night, 02 Dec 2019

A review by Helen Jones of our AV Night - Short Audio Visual Sequences by club members with successful entries from the Western Counties Photographic Federation AV competition
At Dorchester Camera Club we have a number of nights over the season when we encourage our members to show their work in various formats and last night we held our annual AV (Audio Visual) night.

AV making is something of a niche area and we were a little worried that we would not get many contributions but an AV making demo and presentation back in September by Ian Bateman had inspired several people to have a try at making their first AV and it was lovely to see them last night.

The evening started with 'Autumn Woods', a tribute to the late Roy Lowings who was such a great supporter of the club and a keen AV maker. Next Peter Yendell took us on his 'Travels Through Rajasthan' with some absolutely stunning photography. This was followed by somewhere slightly closer to home, with a tongue-in-cheek AV about Saltaire, Yorkshire by Stephen & Helen Jones. Then we were quickly whizzed round the world to visit Singapore with Ivor Toms. The next AV was very different, a narrated AV called "Grandpa's Postcards' by Phil Whiffing, tracing the modern-day locations shown his grandfather's World War 1 postcards. We were all impressed by this and look forward to the follow-up!

Graham Lawrence then brought us back to Dorchester with an AV of his lovely photos of this year's Dorset County Show...then we sped off into outer space with some wonderful Astro-photography from Roger Hyman in 'Cosmos'. Back down to earth, Helen Gibson showed us what a great eye she has for people and street photography with her AV, 'Venice'. Then Lisa Bukladers introduced her newest work 'An Elephant's Farewell' . This is a brand new AV and very much work in progress but looks like its going to be very moving and visually stunning when finished. Lisa was keen for feedback and people were happy to give their impressions and ask questions.

The first half continued with the beautiful 'Patterns in Nature' by Spike and Penny and ended with 'I Wish' by Stephen and Jane Lee...a very funny AV featuring Spike the penguin and his journey to the North Pole! Animation by Stephen and cutting out by Jane!

At the break we were spoilt with Celebrations (thank you, Stephen J) and cake (thank you Tony)

We began the second half with a work in progress AV from Stephen Jones called 'Gift of Dance' featuring photos from 3 years of Wimborne Minster Folk Festival. We then saw Stephen and Jane's latest work,'Ebb and Flow' which was sublime with really gorgeous photography - many people's favourite AV of the evening. Next Penny and Spike had a more serious message in 'Beneath the Waves, Coral Bleaching' to give us something to think about. We ended the club presentations with two festival themed AVs. Neil and Ivor gave us 'Chesil Rocks 2019' with photos taken at the hot and sunny Chesil Rocks Festival at Langton Herring in August which raised £10k for the Samaritans. Helen Jones then contrasted this with 'Smiling in the Rain', festival photos taken on a very wet day at Purbeck Valley Folk Festival, with the pictures cut to the music and matched to the lyrics.

We ended the evening with award winning AVs from the WCPF AV Competition (2019 Photo Harmony) and saw work by Mo Martin of Exmouth, Cathy Fordham of Sodbury & Yate as well as our own Lisa Bukalders and Stephen & Jane Lee. We ended the evening on a light-hearted note with Greg Duncan's "Why I Gave Up Slideshows" which had us all in stitches!

We had a small but very appreciative audience, many of whom said how much they enjoyed the evening. Several people said they would have a go themselves next year as they had been inspired by what they saw. Entries are Open until 09 February for the WPCF AV Competition to be held in Woodbury Village (Devon) on 04 Apr 2020.

A big thank you to everyone who put AVs in to make the evening such a success and to Stephen Jones who put in a lot of work, both beforehand and on the evening, to make sure everything ran smoothly.

~ Helen Jones