External Competitions Round-up, 18 Feb 2020

External Competitions Round-up, 18 Feb 2020
External Competitions Round-up, 18 Feb 2020
Early each year, Dorchester enters three major inter-club competitions - the Western Counties Digitally Projected Image Competition (DPIC) and the PAGB's Great British Open Cup and Nature Cup. The format of these competitions is similar - we enter the required number of images and these are scored quickly by a panel of three judges, with the final club ranking based on the aggregate score. DPIC is held in front of an audience, but the PAGB judging is a closed session.

First of all, a thank you to everyone who contributed photos for consideration and to our team of selectors. For all these competitions we aimed to use photographs from as many club members as possible and include a variety of genres - over the three competitions we used images by 20 different photographers.


The WCPF DPIC took place in Exeter on a stormy Sunday 9th February 2020. There were 56 clubs with 1008 images expertly judged by David Lowe, Judith Parry & Roger Parry.

Once again DPIC was a close-fought battle and initially it was announced that Bristol had won with a score of 228, closely followed by Dorchester and Frome Wessex tied in second place with 224. After a review of the results, Dorchester and Frome Wessex were promoted, with both clubs tied for first place. Both clubs also tied on awards - two each. First place was awarded to Dorchester because our awards were a Gold Medal and a Selectors’ Ribbon and Frome Wessex's awards were both Highly Commended.

Congratulations to our award winners who nailed our win - Lisa Bukalders who received the Gold Medal for ‘Ostrich Family Outing’ and Paul Clarke who received a Selector’s Award from Roger Parry for ‘Time for Coffee’.

The WCPF must be commended for running a highly enjoyable, competitive and well-organised competition. The top two clubs will represent the WCPF at the PAGB Inter-club Digitally Projected Image Championship at Warwick University in July.

Our entries can be seen here.


We finished equal 25th (of 71) in the PAGB GB Open Cup. We were particularly pleased with this result because our selection was different to DPIC and made up largely of new work and untried images. A special mention to Stephen Lee, who scored 14 for 'Drifting' and to Jane Lee with 13 for 'Red Signals'. Judges were Andrea Hargreaves, Joan Blease, and Simon Allen. Our entries can be seen here.

We finished equal 5th (of 86) in the PAGB GB Nature Cup and tied with Smethwick, Chorley, Doncaster and Wigan 10 - an excellent achievement Our high-scoring images were Martin Davenport's 'Bearded Reedling' (14), Spike Piddock's 'Napoleon Wrasse Approaching' (14), Di Tilsley's 'Ground Squirrel' (13) and Tim Downton's 'Great Crested Grebes Attraction' (13). Judges were Edmund Fellows, Sandie Cox & Stephanie Cook. Our entries can be seen here.

Rolls Royce of Derby won both of the PAGB competitions.