Competitions - A review of our Monochrome Print Competition judged by Alison Cawley, 17 Feb 2020

A review by Helen Jones - Monochrome Print Competition (Sections A and B), judged by Alison Cawley ARPS, DPAGB EFIAP
Wow - what a great evening! Excellent judge and excellent work.

It was our annual Monochrome Print Competition and the standard of work entered by our members was exceptional. Luckily we had an exceptional judge as well - Alison Cawley ARPS DPAGB EFIAP did a great job in assessing and discussing all our work

Alison was impressed by the quality of our entry and held back a large number of photos for a second look. She found plenty of photographs she enjoyed in every genre. Print quality and mount quality was very good overall and there were many prints which just missed out on being held back. She was looking for lots of detail, a full range of tones and mood or narrative. There was some high key work that she appreciated as well. Some people had tried toning their work - sometimes this worked and sometimes it didn't.

Our judge's critique was very positive and encouraging, celebrating the strong points in every image, but also pointing out small areas where she thought the image could be improved. The standard was so high that it was usually just tiny things that made the difference between a photo being held back and a photo not quite making the grade.

Alison gave every photo a fair look too - from close-up and from a distance. You felt she really was assessing every photograph very carefully.

What impressed me was that not only was the standard of the work high across the board, not only was there a very wide range of subject matter but that the print quality in both A & B sections was excellent. We are becoming a club of printers and the standard of entries in our print competitions is getting better and better. People have really listened to advice about how to print and mount their work and the standard just keeps on improving.

~ Helen Jones

Monochrome Competition Results and Gallery
NB Results - the titles are taken from PhotoEntry and some are different from what was read out from the back of the prints. Everyone, please make sure the title on your print exactly matches the title that you enter on PhotoEntry.
Monochrome Print Competition Winners, with Judge Alison Cawley (Neil Crick)