Review - "Inside My Head" - Janet Haines, 24 Feb 2020

A review by Helen Jones - “Inside My Head" presented by guest speaker and club member, Janet Haines
Inspirational! That’s the word I heard over and over again last night regarding Janet Haines' Talk ‘Inside My head’

Although she has lived in The Netherlands for several years, Janet is a long-standing member of Dorchester Camera Club and we are always delighted to welcome her back at any time. Last night she came with Prints and PDIs ready to take us ‘inside her head’ where her ideas spring from.

Janet took us back to the start, showing early days photos before she caught the creative bug. She showed us her successful ARPS panel, an arty panel based on dreams. Janet took us through the dreams that inspired the photographs and explained how she created some of them. She also told us how much she enjoyed working for Distinctions – not so much for the letters after her name but more so that she always had something to aim for – because however good you are you always need a challenge to help your photography grow and improve.

Janet then told us that a 3 day studio workshop – completely out of her comfort zone at that time – had made her fall in love with studio and portrait work. She learnt to arrange her own lighting and work with models. She showed us some of her favourite work - photos that had done well for her internationally, especially in America. We saw her successful Gold and Silver PSA Panels. But Janet did not only tell us about her successes. She also told us what didn’t work – an FRPS panel based on song titles (which was unsuccessful because she didn’t take advice not to include music ) and an FRPS Panels of miniatures printed on aluminium which Janet herself admitted wasn’t up to standard. Janet’s sublime multi-layered and textured music-based panel had gone on to win her the Fellowship of the Irish Photographic Federation however.

Janet left her FRPS, PSA and FIPF panels up for everyone to inspect during the break and was surrounded by people asking her questions!

In the second half she showed us how she created some of her stunning composites using pieces from several different photos and putting them together in Photoshop. She explained how important textures are and that she has a library of over 1000 textures and a similar library full of skies – all taken herself as for competitions every part of every photo must have been photographed by the photographer.

Throughout the evening Janet took us on her journey. We celebrated her success and we commiserated with her failures. We saw her early work and her recent work; learnt how her style had changed and developed and saw how her work continued to improve. We took away the message that it’s good to experiment, that you should always be looking for new photographic adventures; that you should never give up…and that you should listen to the advice given by your RPS advisor!

Thank you for a wonderful evening, Janet!

~ Helen Jones
Janet Haines and her Print Panels (Neil Crick)