Competitions - A review of our Open Digital Competition judged live & online by Trevor Prince, 04/05 May 2020

A review by Helen Jones - Open Digital Competition (Sections A and B), judged by Trevor Prince
On Monday and Tuesday 4/5th May we held our delayed Open Digital competition, "the competition formerly known as Prints"

We are getting the hang of this virtual competition stuff - in fact I have a had few comments from people who say they prefer virtual competitions to 'real' ones. Certainly I enjoyed curling up on the sofa in my study with a glass of something nice and watching the competition on my PC.

This was an Open Digital Competition, originally scheduled as Open Prints. It was judged over 2 nights (May 4th & 5th) by Trevor Prince, an experienced judge from Wimborne Camera Club, one of our neighbouring clubs from the Southern Counties Photographic Federation. We are very grateful to Trevor for not only agreeing to judge remotely via zoom but also for agreeing to split the judging over two nights as there were far too many entries for one night. Trevor did a great job for us.

He judged our 74 Section A entries on 4th May, all of a high standard and covering every genre you could think of. He gave every photo a thorough and helpful critique, really emphasising the positives and being extremely encouraging but also pointing out small areas where he thought an image could have been improved. The standard was so high that it was often something very tiny that was the difference between being held back - or not!

Trevor stressed that for him composition, great light, and a story eliciting an emotional response from him were more important that technical excellence. He often pointed out textures, geometry, complementary colours and leading lines which he felt really strengthened an image. He had a very difficult job but held back a great and varied selection of photos from which to make his final choice. It was an interesting evening and we barely noticed we weren't at the club. We had 56 members watching on Zoom.

On Tuesday 5th May we held the second part of the competition with 23 excellent images from Section B. Once again Trevor Prince made a splendid job of remote judging. There was a great selection of photos and again we are grateful to him for devoting two evenings to us and for giving such good advice and feedback. We had 46 members watching online via Zoom.

A big thank you to Stephen Jones who not only hosted the evening and looked after us all on Zoom but also organised both Dicentra to run the competition and PhotoEntry admin to gather in the photos. Also a big thank you to Susan Buckland for such a great job reading out names and titles. We had a background crew of co-hosts too - Di & John Tilsley, Janine Scola and Jane & Stephen Lee - thank you to them. Thank you also to all our club members for remaining enthusiastic through this strange time and for entering this competition in such large numbers! But the biggest thank you goes to Trevor for such a great evening judging.

~ Helen Jones

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