Review - Virtual Club Night, 25 May 2020

A review by Janine Scola - Virtual Club Night , Monday 25 May 2020.
Virtual Club Night , Monday 25 May 2020.

With lockdown still in place, we met at a ‘virtual’ club night, showing the AVs produced by some of our members and the results of our Fun Creative Competion.

First we were invited into Penny’s underwater world; from her early days in how she got started with ‘split’ images and her gradual progression in depicting life above and below the water line. Another way of seeing nature.

The first AV was produced by Lisa Bukalders, which earned her a Silver Medal at Smethwick, followed by Gold when entered in South Africa - with the reminder to pay attention to all the details! This took us to the sights and sounds of Botswana and Namibia, the roar of the lions, the dust and of course, the hyenas!

On to something completely different - Phil Whiffing’s memories of his grandfather and the postcards he accumulated in the early 20th century during his time in the First World War. Using the pictures on the postcards, Phil narrated his journey through Belgium and Germany, following in his grandfather’s footsteps, showing towns of the past and how they look today. An interesting route.

Following a trip to the western peninsula of Scotland, Jane and Stephen Lee produced an AV of time lapse images of the various seascapes encountered on their journey - Ebb & Flow. A project they thought they would undertake on return from another trip, but with Stephen in hospital, Jane set to finish what they had started, which subsequently earned them a Gold Medal for their efforts. Amazing music, set to a tranquil time-lapse sequence of coastal images.

After short break where most members seem to return with liquid refreshment and chocolate, we returned to look at the entries for our Fun Creative Competition. As we had been unable to run our normal Creative Competition, members were invited to enter 2 images for a fun competition. All rules were put aside so members could enter images using techniques which would not normally be admissible under competition rules. There were 57 entries and we were all the judges. Every club member had a link to the images on PhotoEntry and could vote for their 5 favourites.

Steve ran through all the entries, with names, and then put the top 17 on the lightbox as 'held back' images. These were gradually whittled down and awarded 'Highly Commended' until we were left with 7 favourite photos which were all awarded 'Judges Choice'. The original plan had been to have 5 but the scoring was too close to separate just five. There was so much variety and skill on show with an interesting mix of in-camera and post-processed creative. Here is a gallery of your favourite creative images.

Once we had seen and commented on all the creative photos we returned to the AVs and we were taken to Frances Underwood’s favourite place - the Cook Islands - and why not! A bit of paradise ‘sold’ to all who watched this AV and one to put on their wish list - until someone mentioned that the cruise ships drop in!

This was followed by Lisa’s second AV - The Day Dreamer - showing her experimentation with some special effects. The Everly Brothers hit song provided the theme and lions were the main feature! Great fun and good humour.
Keeping the humour, and the final showing for the evening, Frances Underwood took us back in time with Val Doonican’s song Rafferty’s Motorcar and her AV of images showing a rejuvenated MG brought back from the Borneo jungle! Very clever.

A great evening showing a wide variety of talent - well done everyone!

~ Janine Scola