Results - Triple Challenge, 09 Mar 2020

Results of the friendly Triple Challenge Competition with Southampton and Highcliffe & Infinity, 09 March 2020
This was the last external competition before the Coronavirus Lockdown and we travelled to Southampton for the Triple Challenge, an annual friendly competition against Southampton and Highcliffe & Infinity Clubs. Dorchester had a very good result - winning both the print and digital sections.

In prints we scored 91.5 out of a possible 100. 1st place went to Stephen Jones for ‘The Captain’. 2nd place went to Paul Clarke for ‘Time for Coffee’. 4th place went to Susan Buckland for ‘Pallas’s Gull with Fish’, all scoring 10. Other notable scores: 9.5 for Martin Davenport’s ‘Bearded Reedling’ and 9 each for ‘Fenceline’ by Jane Lee, ‘Bring it On’ by Helen Jones and ‘Squacco Heron with Catch’ by Tim Downton.

Our PDIs did not score quite as high but still did well, and Mary Cantrille took 1st place and 10 points for ‘Backlit Caracal’. Scores of 9 went to Jane Lee for ‘Kirkjufell Waterfalls’ and Ivor Toms for ‘Great Crested Grebe with Young’

Congratulations to them all and thank you to the 18 different photographers who let us use their work. Final scores for the two competitions combined: 1st Dorchester with 175, 2nd Highcliffe & Infinity with 166 and 3rd Southampton with 162.5. Thanks to John and Di Tilsley and Graham and Maggie Lawrence for coming along to keep us company and represent the club!

All the Dorchester images can be viewed in the 2020 Triple Challenge Gallery