Review - "New Images - Why I Switched" by Roger Hance, 29 Jun 2020

A review by Jane Tearle - A Talk by Roger Hance FRPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE5* "New Images - Why I Switched" - a mixture of Natural History, Sport, Landscape, Portraits and Photojournalism, via Zoom, 29 June 2020
A Talk by Roger Hance FRPS AFIAP DPAGB BPE5* "New Images - Why I Switched"

What an amazing evening of images from an excellent, enthusiastic and entertaining photographer, Roger Hance. The title of his talk "New Images - Why I Switched" related to the major decision to switch from full frame DLSR equipment to a Micro four-thirds system. This was a huge reduction in weight and he showed a fantastic range of images from his wide-ranging photographic interests that demonstrated that the switch hadn’t compromised quality. The evening, in two halves progressed with pace through natural history to landscapes to sports to street to rock concerts and back again. Every image was sharp, well composed and drew you in to look more closely and appreciate the competence and vision of the photographer.

Roger shared details of the places he visits, both local and further afield. He described visits to photograph a very tame cuckoo that could be found on Thursley Common in Surrey. Roger explained how he used features of his new equipment that helped him to capture superb in-flight photographs. In Norfolk he photographed foxes from a shared hide, and wading birds at Titchwell RSPB and Cley Marshes; then to Southwest Scotland, Eskrigg and Barhill Reserve for red squirrels. He demonstrated the in-camera stacking facility for photography of wildflowers, hand-held. Also close up photos of a raft spider in a small pool. At Bempton Cliffs in Northumberland he photographed the Fulmars and Razorbills, together with tree sparrows at the visitor centre.

Landscapes ranged from North Devon and its beautiful beaches combined with slow shutter speeds and the Peak District, where he introduced us to the set of Photographer’s Guide books by author Ellen Bowness, an invaluable aid to exploring somewhere new all over this country. The Lake District is one of his favourite places for classic views but also to look for a new angle, use a different lens, go when it’s raining, convert to mono. Glencoe and Rannoch Moor produced a meeting with a herd of red deer … and beautiful images.

And for something totally different… the amazing rock concert images, with a definite penchant for progressive rock, taken from his seat in the audience. Street photography from Brick Lane with some outstanding portraits - find an interesting background then ask the ‘right’ stranger to pose. Speaker’s Corner working with a long lens to throw the background out of focus; protest marches providing good action - working in close with a wide angle lens and picking out animated characters.

Roger also loves to photograph sport: motocross and sidecar racing where he achieved a higher hit rate with his new system; white-water canoeing, one of the best for very visual pictures; table tennis where he spent four days, 12 hours each day for the World Championships to photograph the worlds’ top players.

If you have got this far in the review and you were not there on the night evening you will realise you missed an absolute treat in photography of the highest order. It took time to come to terms with the micro four-thirds system but Roger is not looking back!

Thank you Roger for a wonderful evening … we are all inspired!

~ Jane Tearle

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