Review - Chairman's Challenge 'Inspired by Music' judged by Gareth Martin, 06 Jul 2020

A review by Helen Jones - Themed Digital Chairman's Challenge 'Inspired by Music', judged by Gareth Martin AWPF CPAGB, via Zoom, 06 July 2020
The 6th of July was my Chairman's Night so we should have been in a pub enjoying beer, a buffet and skittles - but events conspired against us - we couldn't really have a virtual buffet!

Instead I decided to hold a light-hearted, fun competition on the theme 'Inspired by Music' . Quite a few members told me they found this subject quite challenging - but that didn't stop them as we had a great variety of photos.

We had 58 images and we just had one section - A & B were combined - but its very hard to tell our As and Bs apart now! I did waive some rules and members were allowed to re-enter photos from previous competitions as it was not an 'official' club competition.

Our Judge, Gareth Martin from Port Talbot, entered into the spirit of the competition, with plenty of humour and plenty of music related chat. If he wasn't familiar with a song or a lyric, he googled it to find out more for himself and then listened to it to see how well the image fitted the song. Steve was getting quite homesick at the sound of Gareth's Welsh accent!

I asked Gareth if he could kindly give each photo a full critique, with suggestions for improvement - but at the same time look at imagination, originality, creativty, humour and how well the image worked with the song. He did this perfectly - and worked perfectly to time as well.

So a big thank you to Gareth for being such a great judge - and also a big thank-you to all our members for entering with good humour and supporting a last-minute, extra competition!

Well done to all our winners - some wonderful photos in the gallery and full results here

~ Helen Jones