Review - Bristol International Salon, 20 Jul 2020

A review by Jane Tearle - The Bristol International Salon, Presentation via Zoom, 20 July 2020
I came away from watching the Zoom presentation of the 74th Bristol International Salon with a wealth of impressions and protestations to try harder! Congratulations to all our members, and those from Truro Club who joined us for the evening, who gained acceptances and especially those who received awards. With nearly 8,500 entries from 758 authors from 60 countries is it any wonder we think ‘can I get a picture into Bristol?’ Anything is possible, you have to try. My first success was there..a Bronze Medal before I even knew there were such things…so each year I try again!

With seven categories to cover, with both print and digital, there was a wealth of images to indulge ourselves whatever our favourite genre might be. The quality of the work was extremely high throughout; the organisers have a full time job to make the whole salon run smoothly and the judges have an even harder task to assess and pick their awards.

My favourite genre being travel, with a single digital section, gave me plenty to contemplate for whenever I might manage to travel again. All images involving people in their environment, whether the street, in their homes or on transport. Many more travel images appeared in the open print and digital categories.

The opening sequence gave us three images from our own members with motor sport taking centre stage followed by variety of other sports to dance and landscapes. Creative composites are a familiar genre and are produced in increasingly inventive ways. I admire them for their imaginative input as well as their skills in compositing. Architectural compositions were dramatic and the number of absolutely beautiful spiral staircases, from all over the world, was eye catching. I want to see them for real!

Work done in the studio produced beautiful as well as gritty portraits; dancers in delicate and harmonious poses. I didn’t notice many still life. The big outdoors gave us stunning landscapes at home and abroad as well as the glory of the African grasslands and various icy covered snowscapes with their beautiful wildlife, be it cheetahs or polar bears. The images of birds and butterflies showing us their behaviour were superb. The number of wild waves of enormous height and strength were memorable as were the interactions of animals with each other. How many hours had the photographer waited for these to occur I wonder?

I could go on! Save to say the Bristol Salon, as always, provided us with an evening of indulgence in our hobby through other people’s work. And with it the inspiration to go the next step ourselves; looking to improve our work but always with the proviso of making sure we enjoy it all!

Thank you to Andrew Marker for bringing it to us via Zoom and with the Stephen Jones making it all happen our end!

~ Jane Tearle