New Digital Image Size for Club Competitions, 25 Jul 2020

Club Competitions for 2020-21 are now open on PhotoEntry and there is a significant change that you need to be aware of.

We are now asking for your Digital Images (and digital copies of prints) to be submitted at a larger size - 1600 x 1200 pixels max. This larger size will improve the display of images for competitions run online via Zoom. Note that:

- All next season's digital competitions will be held via Zoom (Creative Competition TBC)
- Digital copies of prints should also be submitted at the larger size (NB Judging will always be based on actual prints)
- We can still accept images at the smaller size, but these will not be displayed at their best
- Judges will always see a preview of digital images at 100%
- We can return to the smaller size once we start running competitions in the Brownsword Hall

Enter your images for 2020-21 Club Competitions here:

We look forward to seeing your new work and we have some great judges lined up for you!

Good Luck

Stephen Jones
for Malcolm Macnaughtan (Comp Sec)