Review - Night and Low Light Photography, Tony Worobiec, 04 Jan 2021

A review by Jane Lee - "Night and Low Light Photography" with Tony Worobiec FRPS, 04 Jan 2021
Well-known local photographer and author Tony Worobiec was our first speaker of 2021 and what a treat it was. Tony is passionate about the quality of light that can be captured particularly at dawn and dusk with just a bit of extra effort. The most important thing is to get up really early so you are in position at least 40 minutes before the sun rises to capture the beautiful pre-dawn light. He explained that it is often a good idea to turn your back on the sunrise and shoot in the opposite direction so that your subject is lit with this beautiful light. If you are photographing water however, facing the light provides the added bonus of the water mirroring the sky.

Of course, turning your back to the sun equally applies at sunset and don’t pack up your gear as soon as the sun has set. Some of the best light can occur at dusk in the hour after sunset when the light can create a great sense of calm. But still don’t pack up yet, wait until it gets dark, take longer exposures (up to several minutes), star trails and the Milky Way, and try using a small torch to delicately light up small details in the foreground. Use moonlight if there is any and keep it behind you. Scenes that may be ordinary or difficult to photograph in normal light can become much more interesting in low light and at night, but do your reconnaissance in the daylight.

In the second half Tony explained about using fill in flash, particularly not pointing directly at your subject. Tony talked about focussing on projects to produce a portfolio of work. He had lots of ideas for different themes and showed examples from fairgrounds, piers, cinemas, bridges, water and industry at night to neon signs and fast food outlets, all of which gave us plenty of food for thought!

This wasn’t just a talk but a workshop with superb photography illustrating the points Tony made. We might be restricted on where we can go at the moment but Tony provided us with inspiration for our photography now and for the future. Thank you Tony and what a great start to 2021 for the Camera Club.

If you want to read more on this subject, Tony’s book ‘The Complete Digital Guide to Night and Low Light Photography is published by David and Charles and more examples can be found on Tony’s website where you can find details of all 17 of his published books.

~ Jane Lee