Review - WCPF Travelling Print Exhibition, led By John Tilsley, 04 Oct 2021

A review by Janine Scola – WCPF Travelling Print Exhibition, led By John Tilsley, 04 Oct 2021
On a wet and blustery evening, a good number of members arrived in the Hall to view the WCPF Travelling Print Exhibition - or so we thought! In fact it was going to be an evening with a difference; John Tilsley started by explaining that the Club had been sent 80 successful prints, which had been submitted for this year’s competition covering the different genres entered by participants. These he had split into four mixed, random batches – and so too, all those attending! The object of the exercise was for each group to select their Top 10 images as each group rotated round the Hall at twenty minute intervals.

A great evening, where conversation and individual views were expressed on each image – and unsurprisingly, not all agreed with the judges’ choices and marks! Interestingly, each group chose a similar ‘Top 10’. One image provoked comment as to which way up it should be viewed – which turned out to be different from the photographer’s point of view – but I suppose that comes under the heading of ‘subjective judging’! Whatever, there was a wonderful selection of superb images, from nature, architecture, portrait, landscape and travel with several photographs achieving much success from our own members who had entered this competition – congratulations to everyone.

Another meeting where it was good to meet ‘physically’ again and to have the opportunity to reflect on how we can view (and improve!) on our own photography for the future.

~ Janine Scola