Review - An Evening of Fine Art Photography, 25 Oct 2021

A review by Val Brierley - An Evening of Fine Art Photography, 25 Oct 2021
It was billed as a night of Fine Art Photography and it certainly lived up to its name with a great variety of superb prints on show at the Brownsword Hall.

Firstly we had Tim Edwards, one of the founders of the Dorset Independent Photographers (DIP) group with his fine art abstracts. Who knew that the sea washing over a plastic bag in West Bay Harbour, or evidence of cars colliding with walls and posts in Waitrose underground car park could produce such beautiful images. Those along with decaying posters, rusty electric boxes and Mondrian like paintwork provided much food for thought.

Next was Chris Hilton with his own unique view of life, this time in Lyme Regis, based on what he looks for when out with his camera or even just his IPhone. He may deny it is fine art but it fulfils the definition of the photographer as an artist expressing ideas and emotions and there were plenty of ideas there for the rest of us to ponder on and perhaps make use of ourselves.

After the break came Stephen and Helen Jones. Whilst not members of the DIP group, they are superb photographers and we were privileged to see and hear about their RPS panels in the making. Stephen showed some wonderful country characters at a ploughing match and Helen is making great strides with her gloomy grunge project with some really emotive images of lockdown misery in Weymouth together with two medal winning images from the RPS DIG Competition and Welsh International Salon.

Next was Malcolm McNaughton, who works with a large format camera, showing sublime darkroom prints from his favourite part of Scotland – Rannoch Moor and Glencoe. His passion for how the light falls on the land and what lengths he goes to in order to get the image he wants produces some absolute top class work. Waiting for the sun to turn the river in the valley into silver was just one example; it may not have been popular with a judge but it was what he was aiming for and a perfect illustration of his skills.

Last but not least was John Tilsley with again superb images from Canada and closer to home. He talked about his love of photographing people at festivals and events, a project with Swanage railway and the colours to be found in the Canadian Rockies all of which were illustrated with a wonderful selection of images.

Altogether a terrific evening seeing such a great variety of superb prints and hearing the photographers talking about their work.

~ Val Brierley