Review - My Journey in Mono with Kylie Ann Martin, 01 Nov 2021

A review by Janine Scola - My Journey in Mono with Kylie Ann Martin EFIAP BPE2* CPAGB LDPS, via Zoom, 01 Nov 2021
Kylie’s journey into photography started at an early age, with encouragement and support from her father. However, in 2006 she became ill and was diagnosed with ME and Fibromyalgia, individually painful, but together chronically so. This resulted in her career in the Ministry of Defence coming to an end and her social life disappearing. In turn this also brought about a solitary life and one dealing with pain.

Not to be beaten and to overcome her struggle, photography took her into a different space and she started her ‘365 Project’ and although she could only manage to go a short distance, this gave her the encouragement to ‘get up and get out of the house’. Initially this was not without its problems, as having been confined to home for so long, she found herself enduring panic attacks, but in time, with confidence, these diminished.

This also kick-started her journey into mono with many of her photographs taken within a ten-mile radius of her home – her images detailed a local working flour mill, to Sutton Park with their diversity of trees and later into the surrounding countryside. It also brought us a superb variety of images, showing us perhaps what we may not ‘see’, and would dismiss, but in Kylie’s eyes created something magical – be it the ice crystals on her car window, to the bubbles in a glass paperweight. Most of her images were converted into mono, with the occasional subtle use of Fractalius software, which brought out the finer details for example in trees and their roots.

From mono, she experimented with infra-red showing images of churches and canal walkways and the different effect this type of photography brings to an image and also each with their own story!

Throughout her presentation, Kylie enlightened us on how and why an image presented itself, but also suggested to revisit some of our favourite haunts, because on a different day there will be a different picture to take. Many of Kylie’s images have received awards both at Club level, in Salons and internationally and are a credit to her determination to overcome her health issues.

An interesting presentation, depicting her amazing journey with superb and exciting photographs – a real eclectic mix - proving to us to get out there and be motivated with our cameras - and be aware of our surroundings.

~ Janine Scola