Review - Digital Panels Evening, 10 Jan 2022

A review by Val Brierley - Digital Panels Evening, 10 Jan 2022
What a wonderful start to the New Year and what a wonderful variety of images we were treated to. This was a club night showing panels of photographs for which so many members had put a lot of work in to make it such a success.

The first half of the evening was devoted to montages of images shown as a single image with each member talking about how they had produced it. There was a big variety of images from a page full of beautiful butterflies through flowers and fungi to aspects of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona with different methods of producing the montages shown.

Drawing breath after such a treat we then plunged into the more familiar style of panels most of which had a final montage, all of equal quality and variety. We were shown monochrome panels of misty trees, reflections of trees and icm trees along with beautiful creative images of pressed poppies, dragonflies and damselflies and quirky images of skeletons and of skulls. The variety and quality of images kept us all riveted to our screens and inspired to do more.

~ Val Brierley