Review - Club Night, Print Panels, 07 Mar 2022

A review by Val Brierley - Club Night, Print Panels, 07 Mar 2022
Having already seen some terrific digital panels earlier this year, expectations were high for our first night back in the Brownsword Hall for a members’ print panels night and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The quality and variety of panels was outstanding and each contributor had plenty of time to talk about their work.

We started off with a panel of monochrome street portraiture taken on a street group meet-up in Weymouth followed by documentary panels of the VE day Commemoration in Weymouth during lockdown, with lots of flags on show. Next were monochrome views of Whitby then waterfowl and waders and their reflections from Lodmoor. We travelled to France for more water, actually wells and fountains in rural villages.

During the break it was so good to be able to not only properly view the prints but also to be able to chat to each other over a cup of coffee. The second half provided an equally varied set of panels starting with Caribbean sunsets followed by plants growing from crevices in walls. We were then treated to a set of monochrome fine art nudes, a story of the “Red Dress” a collaborative international embroidery, a set of macro green leaves, and some sea foam. We then saw monochrome land and city scapes, followed by some very artistic studies of paint splattered floors from a St Ives Artist’s studio and then colourful abstracts from an amazing mural at the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne. Lastly but definitely not least were some amazing macro studies of insects and some monochrome landscapes from Canada.

What the evening showed was not only the talent and inventiveness of our members but also that almost anything can be the subject of a wonderful panel. Thank you to all the contributors and especially to John Tilsley for running the evening.

~ Val Brierley