Review - The Southampton International Salon, 14 Mar 2022

A review by Helen Jones - The Southampton International Salon (Prints), 14 Mar 2022
After a two year absence due to Covid we were delighted to welcome back the Southampton International Salon back to the Brownsword Hall.

This was the 108th Southampton International Salon. They have both digital and print categories and we had asked to see the prints. There had been 1112 entries across three categories – Open, Monochrome and Nature. The overall number of prints was down this year, due to Covid, and it was clear that lockdown had affected people’s ability to get out and about. There was less in the way of street, landscape, sport and travel photography than we would normally see. That’s quite understandable, and indeed, expected, under the circumstances.

The quality of the prints shown was absolutely superb. When our members had a chance to look at them closely I could hear gasps of admiration and a lot of interest regarding how the images had been created and printed. A lot of ‘big names’ had entered and it was really good to be able to look at their work properly and in person rather than on a screen. Only then do you truly appreciate the quality.

Suzannah and Ian were great presenters. The evening was full of humour and their enthusiasm for the work on display was wonderful. They gave us an insight into the judging process too – this is done behind closed doors and so it was fascinating to have those doors opened slightly so we could learn a lot more about how these images are assessed and scored. There were questions from the audience throughout which Suzannah and Ian were happy to answer.

There were big cheers when we saw work by our own members – Susan Buckland, Tim Downton and Lisa Bukalders. Susan and Tim had both won awards (3 in Susan’s case!) and everyone really enjoyed seeing their superb nature photographs close-up. Other members had had acceptances in the digital section and a special mention must go to Robert Williams who won a Ribbon at his first ever salon.

We are keen to encourage everyone to return to printing and what better way to inspire us all than an evening of the country’s top quality prints. Something to aim for.
So, thank you to Suzannah and Ian for a wonderful and entertaining evening.

~ Helen Jones