News - Our Summer Online Exhibition goes Live!, 23 May 2022

The Dorchester Camera Club Summer Online Exhibition is Now Live!
This is our third online exhibition and it presents a completely new selection of photographs - so it's a big thank you to all members who sent in their images. The exhibition demonstrates how much talent we have within our membership and how diverse our photographic interests are with a tremendous range of subjects and styles on show.

To view the exhibition as a slide show visit Dorchester Camera Club Summer Exhibition, then click Traditional Slideshow (recommended). You may also view the exhibition as a Virtual 3D Gallery and there are three options to choose from (for large devices only, not tablets or smartphones).

Once in the Traditional Slideshow, there are three ways to view it:

  • Start or stop an automatic slide show by clicking on the ‘Play/Pause’ symbol (in the circle, bottom right) (Recommended)

  • Navigate through the exhibition manually using the left and right arrows (bottom left and right)

  • Click the square grid symbol (top left) to view the images on a light box, scrolling as necessary; click on the lightbox to return to the single image display

To exit the exhibition click on the ‘Exit’ symbol (top right).

The Exhibition will remain open until the end of August. Many thanks to David Whitton, Jane Lee and John Tilsley for selecting and producing the exhibition. Thank you also to Adrian Lines, who developed the exhibition software.