Success at the FIAP World Cup, 18 Dec 2021

Dorchester Highly Commended at the FIAP Clubs World Cup, 18 Dec 2021
The FIAP Clubs World Cup is a huge and prestigious international competition that we have entered for the first time since 2018. It was good news for Dorchester - we were ranked 8th overall out of 218 clubs worldwide and were awarded a club Honourable Mention.

There were 4308 photographs entered and only ten awards made with two of those awards going to Dorchester with Honourable Mentions to Helen Jones for “Life in Technicolor” and Tony Gill for “Wood Beyond the World”. Dorchester was the only club with more than one award and had 11 of our 20 images accepted. Our images can be seen in our FIAP World Cup 2021 Gallery.

The winning club was G.F Cupolone from Italy, with Wigan 10 placed 2nd, the Beyond Group 3rd and Rolls Royce 4th. We were the next highest UK club ahead of big names like Catchlight, Smethwick, Arden, Chorley and Bristol.

~ Stephen Jones