Review - An Evening with Tim and Sue, 6 Jun 2022

A review by Val Brierley - An Evening with Tim Downton and Sue Buckland - at the Brownsword Hall, 6 Jun 2022
We always know it will be a good evening when our own club members Tim and Sue show their photographs, their passion for wildlife in particular along with sport and other projects shines through. Sue began the evening showing various sporting images, cricket, rugby, polo, horseracing, speedway and of course British Superbikes at Thruxton. All of these were superb - catching the moment and showing the effort of participants, perhaps with the slight exception of the rugby players in a hailstorm!

She then moved on to wildlife, all pictured at nearby locations from Radipole and Lodmoor to the Somerset levels at Ham Wall and Greylake nature reserves. We were shown so many different insects and birds all of stunning quality and learnt where and how they were taken.

The second half of the evening was Tim’s prerogative and although he and Sue have similar interests he showed us a slightly different side to his photography. He started with a couple of shots taken at a workshop on lighting nude models and then a shot taken a number of years ago of another model – all of which was to tell us that he is not comfortable behind the camera when his subject is human and looking at him!

However the workshop did have benefit as he put what he learnt on lighting into a project on insects and fungi set up in his garage. The insect images were truly wonderful and the timelapse on the fungi was amazing. He then talked us through a rather sad story of a fight to the death by Great Crested Grebes but it had a happy ending as we saw the victor with his hard won mate and their resultant brood. He showed us many other beautiful images of wildlife both locally and a little further afield all accompanied by information as to where and how they were taken.

The whole evening was a feast of superb photography by two very talented and enthusiastic photographers and we are privileged to have them as members.

~ Val Brierley