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Competition - FIAP Clubs World Cup 2018, 01 Dec 2018

The 13th FIAP Clubs World Cup had been judged
Our club was ranked joint 34th out of 187 with 11 acceptances and 344 points - not a good result compared with the last two years. Unfortunately, one of our images was ineligible and was not scored because it has been accepted in a previous World Cup (entered by a different club). Our ranking would have been much higher if this image had been scored.

This was not a good year for British Clubs overall. The top scoring British club was Rolls Royce in 4th place with 378. Wigan 10 were 11th, Smethwick 17th with 358. East European and Chinese clubs did well - 1st was Photoclub BGART from Bulgaria, 2nd 643 Eurasia Club from Russia and 3rd the Photographic Society of Taipei.

The winning club had 19 acceptances but this was exceptional. The next 5 clubs had 15 or 16 acceptances. Smethwick had 10 acceptances. The judges were from Bulgaria, Slovenia and Norway.

Our gallery can be seen here.