Warren Alani – Capturing the imagination

Review by Val Brierley
Warren started the evening by explaining that he had always loved taking photographs and although taking a 30 year break from being serious about it his renewed passion has progressed from his first tentative steps in finding his own style to award winning photography.
He showed us how taking a simple image especially in black and white can result in a stunning photograph, especially if it features a lot of what is termed negative space. Many of his street style photographs are black and white, square framed images of perhaps a single person, long shadows or a small detail all of which are very effective. He talked about finding your own style, the right moment and the right composition and how to go about it and gave numerous examples from his travels around the world.
After the break he showed us some of his many photographs which have won awards around the world. These superb photographs are in many different genres including street, sports, architecture and environmental portraits, the last of which includes composites which he admits he doesn’t enjoy doing but they do win awards. His sports photography includes many different sports such as BMX biking, athletics, swimming and gymnastics all of which are simply stunning and he explained how he goes about it with the right timing – if you see it in your camera you’ve missed the moment!
It was an evening of great photography and very enjoyable.