News and reviews of Dorchester Camera Club meetings and events - with reviews written by members of the Club.

Chalk and Cheese
Lisa Rendall (The Rebel) and Malcolm MacNaughtan, Monday 29th April 24

This was another superb night from our own members with two very different approaches to their photography. Hence the Title ‘Chalk and Cheese’ ...more

Journeys in the Wild
Janine Scola, Monday 8th April 24

Journeys in the Wild? Wild Journeys more like! ...more

The Art of Blur and the Wonderful World of Vintage Lenses
Rose Atkinson ARPS, Monday 25th March 24

I need to start this review with a disclaimer, just in case you don’t know – ‘I love Marmite’. ...more

‘Elements & Principles of Art in Photography’
Tony Bramley FRPS, Monday 18th March 24

We were treated to a fascinating and thoughtful talk from Tony Bramley FRPS on Monday evening. ...more

“Days In, Days Out”
Gareth Martin AWPF CPAGB, Monday 11 March 24

“We Welsh are never short of words” said my father and Gareth Martin certainly wasn’t short of a few! He has been described as a ‘master storyteller’ and he is indeed – not just in words but in photographs too. ...more

Out In all Weathers
Event Photography with Helen and Stephen Jones, 19th February 2024

It is always a good Club Night when our own members take centre stage and this was no exception. ...more

‘Power to the People’
Presented by John Tilsley, 12th February 2024

John's presentation, was a captivating journey through the art of the visual narrative. And a presentation he stepped into at very short notice with typical enthusiasm. ...more

External Competitions - Inter-Club Competitions Round up, 6 Feb 2024

A Round up of recent Inter-Club Competitions, 6 Feb 2024 ...more

‘From the sky to the sea; city streets to remote places’
Presented by Rob Bridge, 22nd January 2024

Those recently joined club members when asked if they knew of fellow member ‘Rob Bridge’ the answer was ‘No’ – who is he - what does he look like? ...more

A photographer in China

Roy Robertson Hon FRPS, 15th January 2024 ...more

Have you seen the price of ink?, 8th January 2024

Perhaps the first clue as to what was in store could be gained by a perusal of the respective initials after the names of the night’s speakers.
Jane Lee DPAGB, EFIAP, BPE3*, DPAGB/AV and Stephen Lee DPAGB, EFIAP, BPE2*, DPAGB/AV. ...more

Diwntrodden Man - Russell Lindsay FBPE MPAGB EFIAP AWPF,
20th November 2023

A Good Photograph should stir an emotion/tell a story. ...more

Success in the WCPF Kingswood Salver and news of the Wessex Battle

We’ve had a busy start to the season with two external inter-club competitions - the Kingswood Salver and Wessex Battle. ...more

A Night of Nature, 6th November 2023

Twenty nine members of the Nature SIG (Special Interest Group) put on an amazing show. ...more

Ian Bateman’s AV Extravaganza, 30th October 2023

What a pleasure it was to welcome Ian Bateman back to the club on Monday evening. Has it really been 4 years since he last visited us? ...more

My Quest and Beyond, John Hudson, 23rd October 2023

They say variety is the spice of life and we certainly had a wonderful variety of subjects shown to us by John Hudson. ...more

Intimate Landscapes Simon Turnbull, 18th September 2023

“You only see a sparrow once” is a re-quote from Simon Turnbull’s presentation. Strangely this statement made more sense as the evening progressed. ...more

Contemporary Travel Photography, Chris Hilton, 11th September 2023

The first night of our season should be something special, out of the ordinary and set to inspire our photography during the forthcoming year. ...more

PAGB PDI Championships (Warwick) 15 Jul 2023

Report by Stephen Jones on the Premier League of Club Photography - Warwick 2023 ...more

3D Night - Neil Crick ARPS and Mike Taylor, 5th June 2023

I think some of us may have been wondering just what an evening about 3D photography would bring but by the end of the evening we certainely had our eyes opened with some beautiful images being brought to life by 3D. ...more

Report - Triple Challenge, 24 Apr 2023

Report by Stephen Jones on the friendly Triple Challenge Competition with Southampton and Highcliffe & Infinity, 24 April 2023 ...more

A Passion for Wildlife, Kevin Pigney, 18th April 2023

Well, his first six years have certainly proved successful. ...more

Call of the Wild - Janine Scola, 27th March 2023

I was asked to write the review for Janine Scola’s ‘Call of the Wild’ talk this evening, and I couldn’t have asked for better speaker for my first review. ...more

AV Night

Putting together an AV of images set to music is an art form in itself and last night we saw many wonderful examples of this ranging from the funny through educational to downright beautiful. ...more

Panels night, 27th February 2023

It was a packed house for our annual Panels night and we certainly had a feast of photography to see and hear about. ...more

An evening with Lis Bukalders - "Tails of the Bush", 13th February 2023

A review by Janine Scola - An evening with Lis Bukalders - "Tails of the Bush" ...more

A Great Start to 2023 - Inter-Club Competitions, 9 Feb 2023

A Round up of Western Counties and National Inter-Club Competitions (Jan/Feb), 9 Feb 2023 ...more

A Sense of Place: North Vietnam - Jane Tearle, 30th January 2023

Another evening where “one of our own” is welcomed to present their favourite genre of photography to club members. ...more

Breathless in Nepal - Julian Elliott, 23rd January 2023

Irresistible title for me and my relationship with Nepal and I was not disappointed in the journey Julian took us on this evening. ...more

Lloyd More - The Art of Storytelling, the Extra Element, 16th January 2023

Lloyd asked us to consider whether our images have a story or if there is a narrative, for instance is there emotion in a portrait or a story in a landscape, and showed us many examples in all sorts of genres to illustrate his point. ...more

Completely In the Dark, 9th January 2023

At the start of a new year we are all in the dark as to what the year holds but last night’s first meeting of the new year being billed as Completely in the Dark came as a very welcome and different sort of club night. ...more

FIAP World Cup results, 4 Jan 2023

Dorchester placed 20th at the 2022 FIAP World Cup for Clubs, 4 Jan 2023 ...more

Deeper into Landscapes - Tony Gill. People, Places and Wildlife - Pete Yendell, 5th December 2022

We were very privileged to have two of our members agreeing to show us their work and what a treat we had ...more

Derwood Pamphilon - My Journey into portraiture and dance photography. 21st November 2022

It was clear from the start that Derwood Pamphilon has a passion that steers his photography in a specific direction. ...more

Garry Prescott, The Highs and Lows of Photography, 14th November 2022

We are very lucky in the club to have so many talented members prepared to share their pictures and Garry did just that. ...more

External Competitions News - The WCPF Kingswood Salver, 12 Nov 2022

Saturday, 12 Nov 2022 marked a welcome return to prints and a live audience for the Western Counties Photographic Federation Kingswood Salver Competition after two years of digital submissions when the competition was held remotely via Zoom. ...more

External Competition Round-up with a Silver Lining, 28 Oct 2022

A Silver Lining - a round-up of the PAGB Inter-Club Print Championships and the Wessex Battle. ...more

The Emotional Landscape
Huw Alban, 3rd October 2022

Huw arrived in Dorset about twelve years ago having previously lived in Northamptonshire and would say that he is ‘an artist using photography’, but more than that, he specialises in creating images that for him, capture the true nature of his subject matter. ...more

Flower and Still Life Photography
Polina Plotnikova FRPS EFIAP, 19th September 2022

Polina introduced us to the world of flower and still life photography from her perspective, and very much her genre, where she can convey her feelings and emotions through the lens of her camera. ...more

An Evening with Robert and Sharon Prenton Jones, 12th September 2022

Dorchester Camera Club members were treated to a wonderful evening of imaginative and creative extravaganza. ...more