A Passion for Wildlife, Kevin Pigney, 18th April 2023

Well, his first six years have certainly proved successful.
This presentation from Kevin provided detailed explanations and images which supported his own personal approach to photography.

Kevin's 'projects' require precise planning over a period of time. Having established in his mind the particular subject and the images he would like to capture, he sets about looking for locations. When selecting a potential site he will monitor activity and sometimes leave edible enticements to assure this is indeed a suitable place. The decision as to where he will then photograph from is very important.

The subject requires good lighting to capture detail but he equally wants to ensure a diffused background that will enhance the subject tonally. Although he sometimes uses hides to help him, his style also requires him to shoot from low down on the ground.

Kevin shared the settings and the variety of styles he uses. Havind said that, his favourite presentation involves a detailed pin sharp image of the subject with a beautifully diffused background of complimentary colours.

It was a real pleasure to listen to Kevin talk about his work and assuredly, I expect the next six years of his work to prove to be of just as high a standard.

- Carole Zimmerman