Call of the Wild - Janine Scola, 27th March 2023

I was asked to write the review for Janine Scola’s ‘Call of the Wild’ talk this evening, and I couldn’t have asked for better speaker for my first review.
Janine started the evening telling us about her inspiration – the wonderful David Attenborough. By the end of the evening Janine had become one of my inspirations – her solo travels across the world, nature conservation and amazing photos were truly inspiring.

We were treated to stories and photos from 3 countries, Sri Lanka, Antarctica and Namibia. As well as the beautiful photos of wildlife Janine also showed some stunning landscape photos which gave a real sense of place. It wasn’t all cute and cuddly, although there were plenty of gorgeous shots of baby elephants, sweet penguins and dik-diks! We also saw the harsh realities of nature – the blood stained leopard and animals emaciated in the droughts.

Janine spoke about the impact of climate change on the planet and her photos illustrated this well.

Thanks Janine for a wonderful talk.

- Jenny Warr