AV Night

Putting together an AV of images set to music is an art form in itself and last night we saw many wonderful examples of this ranging from the funny through educational to downright beautiful.
There were ten Avs in each half, all very different and unique in their own way and we were taken on a journey of some sort in all of them. Starting with a walk through a gorge, we progressed through France and British Columbia before finishing in the Hebrides, with side steps into Weymouth, Dorchester, Sturminster Newton and underwater.
The second half began with the AV on display at our exhibition in the Dorset Museum before wandering around two gardens of very different sorts, then heading for the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, off to the Red Sea, Newfoundland and British Columbia again and then a very entertaining trip from Antartica to the Arctic. An illustration of lockdown in Weymouth brought back so many memories of that dreadful time, how quickly we forget, and the final curtain was a sublime trip round the icy regions of our planet.
A truly inspiring and entertaining evening.

- Val Brierley