Lloyd More - The Art of Storytelling, the Extra Element, 16th January 2023

Lloyd asked us to consider whether our images have a story or if there is a narrative, for instance is there emotion in a portrait or a story in a landscape, and showed us many examples in all sorts of genres to illustrate his point.
Lloyd started his talk by asking what images do well in competitions and showing how to turn a “nice” image into a much better one. Obviously getting the technical aspects right is a must but adding the “extra element” will turn it into a great one.

Being a judge as well, Lloyd is uniquely situated to give us a comprehensive view on what judges are looking for in competitions, saying we should put ourselves in the judge’s shoes when looking at our own images and see what can be improved. Clearly we should get as much right as possible in camera but there is so much more that can be done post processing especially when shooting in Raw. He showed examples of his own work where a little tweak here and there had made a big difference to the final image resulting in an award winner. He also talked about the difference between an image that does well as a pdi or one that does well as a print, particularly when considering the paper it is printed on.

After the break Lloyd took us through some composites done in Lightroom and Photoshop and explained how he had achieved these both at the shooting stage and post processing, ie putting them all together using layers and blend modes. He finished by giving us a set of bullet points which we should be using on our own images to get the very best result.

This was an excellent, informative and entertaining talk which left us with many hints and tips on how to improve our own photography.

- Val Brierley