FIAP World Cup results, 4 Jan 2023

Dorchester placed 20th at the 2022 FIAP World Cup for Clubs, 4 Jan 2023
The FIAP Clubs World Cup is a huge and prestigious international competition that we have entered regularly for a number of years. It was a closely fought contest and Dorchester finished with 399 points and were placed 20th out of 224 clubs from around the world. We had a remarkable number of images accepted - 14 out of 20 entered. We had just 10 accepted when we finished in 8th place in 2021.

Rolls Royce were the overall winners with 422 points, with Wigan 10 placed 2nd. Other UK clubs in the top twenty were Catchlight, Oldham, Keswick, Chorley, Beyond and Smethwick.

You can view our entry in the 2022 FIAP World Cup gallery