Deeper into Landscapes - Tony Gill. People, Places and Wildlife - Pete Yendell, 5th December 2022

We were very privileged to have two of our members agreeing to show us their work and what a treat we had
First up was Tony Gill with “Deeper into Landscapes” showing how exacting his standards are for taking a proper landscape photograph. Taking a nice view doesn’t cut the mustard with him and rightly so, he takes great care in composition and lighting to get the perfect image. He started his presentation with a few images he wasn’t happy with and showed us what wasn’t right and how to go about getting a better picture. He then showed us a series of sublime images, with ethereal misty trees and hills, then onto snowy landscapes with perhaps a lone figure giving scale. By no means were all his landscapes Dorset based and he also showed some beautiful views of the Lake District and Iceland.
Constantly looking to further his skills he is currently experimenting with different techniques including multiple exposures and intentional camera movement, sometimes combining the two, and we saw a series of wonderful images created thus which were full of feeling.

The second half was taken up by Pete Yendell with a presentation of “People, Places and Wildlife” which he explained has come together after more than forty years of travel by way of his wife setting up a website for him making him sort his many thousands of pictures into a sensible catalogue. Pete showed how, in fact, the first two categories flowed into each other and we saw a wonderful procession of portraits from around the world followed by pictures of people giving a sense of place such as cutting up meat in a meat market (quite gruesome!) and hauling in the fishing nets, along with entertaining pictures from as diverse places as Japan and Brighton. He then moved on to wildlife with images from Africa and India in particular, and we heard how he had an exciting encounter with a tiger in Ranthambore and heard about a safari in a wildlife park on the fringes of Nairobi.
He too is experimenting with new techniques and has embraced the idea of wildlife in monochrome and we were treated to some stunning images in this mode. The final “piece de resistance” was a wonderful short AV of a trip to Newfoundland.

We are so lucky to have such talented members in our club and very grateful to have the opportunity to see their work, it was a truly inspiring evening.

- Val Brierley