Derwood Pamphilon - My Journey into portraiture and dance photography. 21st November 2022

It was clear from the start that Derwood Pamphilon has a passion that steers his photography in a specific direction.
It has frequently been said that the human body is one of the most difficult things to photograph but Derwood showed us that he has a high set of skills to enable him in this field. He opened the presentation with a statement of intent which quoted that it was about ‘ Capturing the personality of a person or group and telling a story’.

There were two parts to the evening, the first concentrated on portraiture and his work with models. In order to get the results he visualises, Derwood works in a variety of places, from his own home studio, to the use of other more elaborate set ups. He also works in outdoor settings too. Travelling far and wide to get the backdrop right to enhance the look of the models in the images.
He uses a variety of techniques working in both colour and mono. This enables to him to create images that reflect grace, elegance and sensitivity. Derwood certainly utilises light and shade in an effective way. He spends a great deal of time to ensure that the shape and form present a composition that is pleasing to the eye. Derwood has a clear vision of what he is hoping to achieve and creates mood boards to present to the models so that they also have complete understanding of his aims during the sessions.

The second part of the evening was dedicated to showing his work with dancers. Inspired by photographers such as Lois Greenfield, again he captured images that were poised and graceful. Working with a variety of dance companies he has a portfolio of stunning dance images, mainly ballet but also some contemporary. He works both in studios and theatres settings in order to capture the shots.

A most informative presentation and a joy to see his work. His passion for this subject clearly indicates that he will have even more to share of his work in the future.
My only complaint is the fact that I cannot get the same results from kit which is exactly like his!!!!!!!

- Carole Zimmerman