3D Night - Neil Crick ARPS and Mike Taylor, 5th June 2023

I think some of us may have been wondering just what an evening about 3D photography would bring but by the end of the evening we certainely had our eyes opened with some beautiful images being brought to life by 3D.
Neil showed us a very varied selection of his own photography ranging from models to themed events such as the Tudors at Athelhampton, explaining along the way just what he had used and how the images had been achieved. He had compiled some of his images into several excellent AV shows and had also taken some of our own members images to convert to 3D which really were stunning.

Michael then took over after the break telling us about the history of stereoscopy and the Stereoscopic Society, illustrating the various pieces of original equipment used and showing some very old and very local images – interesting to see High West Street in 3D and totally devoid of traffic! He then went on to tell us about the physiology and indeed the psychology involved in seeing stereoscopically, research into which began many years ago. This led onto how he uses such photography to aid him in his portrait painting, saying it helps him to understand light in depth showing us many examples of this.

We had a very entertaining and informative evening presented by two masters of their craft.

- Val Brierley