External Competitions - Inter-Club Competitions Round up, 6 Feb 2024

A Round up of recent Inter-Club Competitions, 6 Feb 2024
WCPF Inter-Club Championships

On the 4 February, the Western Counties Inter-Club Championships were held at the Exeter Corn Exchange. The event was run with the same format as 2023, with Digital and Print Competitions prejudged on 21 January. Results were presented to a live audience at the Corn Exchange on the 4 February, with a large selection of prints on display for the audience to enjoy as they arrived and during the intervals.

First it was the print competition - 25 clubs entered with a total of 375 excellent prints. Dorchester’s prints scored well with plenty at 13 and above, but it was a close contest with also Bristol scoring well. In the end Bristol finished in first place with a score of 200, closely followed by Dorchester on 196.

We should congratulate three members who received awards for their prints: Jane Lee’s "Luskentyre Dusk" (14 and Highly Commended), Tony Gill’s "The Wood Beyond The World" (15 and Selectors Choice) and Stephen Jones’ "Shades of Grey" (14 with the Silver Medal for Best Mono). Six more images that scored 13 or more were Dee Wareham’s "Steamy Yellowstone" (13), Peter Yendell’s "Reed Bunting on Winter Reeds" (14), Stephen Lee’ "Ivory Gull Take-off" (14) and "Under the Tree" (13), Susan Buckland’s "Ringed Plover Pulling out Lugworm" (13), and Tim Downton’s - "Bittern In The Mist" (15).

After lunch it was time for the raffle, then the digital competition - a huge inter-club battle with 47 clubs and a total of 846 high quality images. It was quite a battle for the top spots, and Dorchester finished in fifth place with 219 points. Bristol emerged as clear winners overall with a score of 229, followed by Truro in second place with 222. Devizes and Plymouth tied for third place with a score of 221. Congratulations to Bristol as overall winners and Wincanton who were the best Small Club.

Four images scored 13 or more - Jane Lee’s "Armand Breaks Free" (13), Jenny Warr’s "Dartford Warbler" (13), Stephen Lee’s "Red Fox on the Prowl" (14), Susan Buckland’s "White Tailed Eagles Fighting" (14). There were no awards.

The Western Counties Inter-Club Championships was an excellent event with some superb images. The WCPF must be commended for running a highly enjoyable, competitive and well-organised competition. Thank you to the Judges Martin Fry, Jenny Hibbert and Peter Young, who scored fairly and consistently. Thanks also to the WCPF team especially to Ralph Snook who spent many hours preparing the Zoom presentation including all the voiceovers.

The top clubs will represent the WCPF at the PAGB Inter-Club Projected Digital Image and Print Championships later in 2024.

Our Inter-Club Championships images may be found in our Digital Gallery and Print Gallery.

Full results and more images may be found on the WCPF Website:
Digital - https://photoexhib.com/wcpficdigital/results-2024/results.htm
Print - https://photoexhib.com/wcpficprint/results-2024/results.htm

PAGB GB Cups (Digital)

Dorchester entered two national interclub competitions at the same time as the WCPF Championships. These were the PAGB GB Open Cup and GB Cup for Nature (both for digital images) and these were judged in January.

We finished equal 18th (of 58 clubs) in the PAGB GB Open Cup. A special mention to those scoring 12 and above who were also accepted for the exhibition catalogue: Helen Jones (2 images, scoring 13 and 14), Stephen Jones (3 images, all 12), Peter Yendell (2 images, 12 and 13), Val Brierley (2 images, 12 and 13), Tim Downton (13), Jane Lee (13), Tony Gill (12) and Penny Piddock (12).

We finished equal 39th (of 62 clubs) in the PAGB GB Cup for Nature. Congratulations to Peter Yendell, whose image “Reed Bunting on Winter Reeds” scored 15 and was Highly Commended. A special mention also to those scoring 12, who images were also accepted for the exhibition catalogue: Jane Lee, Jenny Warr, Stephen Lee (two images) and Susan Buckland.

PAGB Judges were Rod Wheelans, Neil Smith and David Smith.

All our images entered in this year’s PAGB GB Cup Competitions can be seen in the External Competitions galleries - GB Open Cup and GB Nature Cup. The overall club standings and galleries of accepted images can be found on the PAGB Website http://thepagb.org.uk/competitions/the-gb-cup/

FIAP Clubs World Cup

Looking back, Dorchester entered a huge international competition - the FIAP Clubs World Cup - and the results were announced in early January. We finished a disappointing 47th (of 226 clubs). A special mention to those scoring 17 and above who were accepted for the exhibition catalogue: Jane Lee “Armand Breaks Free” (18), Carole Zimmerman “Fishy Tail at the Falls” (17), Jane Tearle “Separating the Wheat” (17), Stephen Jones “Shades of Grey” (20) and Val Brierley “Entwined” (17).

Our images can be seen in our FIAP World Cup Gallery.

~ Stephen & Helen Jones